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Thread: Game Crashing on Launch

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    Exclamation Game Crashing on Launch

    I can't pinpoint exactly when this started but I think it was around when the arty update was released. When I launch the game now one of three things happen.
    1. The game launches and I am able to move my cursor around on the CG logo screen, this is the only scenario where the game loads in.
    2. The game launches and I am unable to move my cursor on the CG logo screen. In this case I cannot alt-tab or alt f4. When the game crashes after about 30 seconds I am unable to see my mouse on my main monitor (where I have the game in full screen normally), I have to alt-tab to get to task manager which I have to have open. The music continues to play until the game crashes.
    3. The game launches but the CG logo screen doesn't show up. Instead the screen goes black and the music continues to play. I cannot alt-tab or alt f4. I have to wait for the game to crash and repeat the steps listed in scenario 2.

    Is anyone else having these issues? It's making the game really frustrating as it usually takes me about 5 minutes to get into the game as the 1st scenario only happens about 1/5 times and has never happened to me on my first try.

    Sorry about the rant.
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    After the "crash" happens. Locate your /program files (x86)/steam/steamapps/common/war of rights folder on your installed drive. In that folder you'll find an "Error Reporter. EXE" file ... clicking it will open the Error reporter. This reporting program will require you to locate within the same folder files called *.log, (the reporting program will tell you which files you need to find,) and attach them to the indicated boxes on the error reporter.

    There is also areas to place your name, your email, and an area for comments to send the developers.

    After clicking submit/send ... allow the little silhouettes to chase each other around the globe there, this will assure the file is sent. If you are successful, there will be a green colored text at the bottom of the page informing you of such. If it fails try it again until it works.

    It'll likely be much quicker than this.

    Also, unless needed the Developers may or may not send you an email.


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    Yep, I've already sent that in a couple days ago. I just wanted to share here to see if others were having the same issue. Thank you though.
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    Update: I found a fix, the game will always launch if I consistently move my mouse around while launching. Hope this helps anyone else this is affecting.
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