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Thread: 7th Tennessee Regiment!

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    7th Tennessee Regiment!

    What are we, who are we. We are the 7th Tennessee, we are a infantry and artillery mixed Unit. We are a regiment that has worked hard from the first 8 to now over 70 guys. We work hard to set the tone in our events we attend. We are apart of the the following events.

    Fridays @8pm EST: IVR - Infantry Volunteer Rifles.
    Saturdays @9pm EST: NaS - North and South.
    Sundays @2pm EST: IVREU - Infantry Volunteer Rifles European Event.

    Shout out to the 3rdNJ and 33rdVA for making the IVR Events happen!

    Mondays @8pm EST Infantry
    Wednesdays @8pm EST Artillery.
    Thursdays @8pm EST Skirmishers/Infantry.

    Colonel of 7th Tennessee: J. Knight
    Lt. Colonel: Turtle
    Major: Botchers.

    Company Commanders:
    Captain Shack - Company A - Infantry
    Captain Preacher - Company B - Infantry
    Captain Hyper - Company C - Skirmishers

    We are actively recruiting new members, and looking to grow our numbers even larger. We encourage anyone that is looking for a forever home, and or for anyone wanting to see what we are about. Please pm on discord @AGCxWarrior#3848.

    You must be at least 16 to join the regiment. Exceptions may be made upon Commanding Office approval.

    If you are interested please let us know!
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    Best of luck! You may want to set sights on a Brigade or Division before trying to form an Army. Glad to see some Tennessee units though!

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    I re enacted 7th Tn Co B many years ago

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    In Maryland State Near to both Antietam and Gettysburg, Harper's Ferry et al.

    Welcome to the CSA.

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    Best of luck to y'all! Look forward to seeing you guys grow and prosper.

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    Best of luck had a great time fighting together at NaS event last Saturday night!

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    Tennessee leads the way! Yee yee

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    Rocky Top Tennessee!!!

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