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Thread: Holcombe's Legion - Companies C & D

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    Holcombe's Legion - Companies C & D

    Welcome to Holcombe's Legion

    Holcombe Legion is an infantry regiment operating within Longstreet's I Corps alongside 4th Texas, 5th Texas, 18th Georgia, Palmetto Sharpshooters, Rowan's Battery, Brockenborough's Battery, and the Jefferson Davis Legion D Cavalry.

    Our Motto: "It is for the brave to die, but not to surrender."

    The Holcombe Legion of South Carolina was part of the CSA, a true legion made up of both cavalry and infantry, then later separated into two separate regiments: A full-fledged infantry regiment with access to cavalry weapons and a cavalry regiment. Named after the wife of the South Carolina Governor (Lucy Holcombe Pickens), The Legion was financed by Lucy Holcombe herself, who sold jewels that had been given to her by Czar Alexander II when her husband, Francis Pickens, was ambassador to Russia.

    The Holcombe Legion was active throughout the entirety of the Civil War and participated in nearly every major battle. Even with dwindling numbers, due to casualties, the Holcombe Legion survived and persevered until the bitter end, surrendering alongside Robert E. Lee at the Appomattox Court House in Virginia on April 9th, 1865.

    Regimental Organization

    [SIZE=4]Commanding Officer: Captain Midnite

    C Company Commander: Captain Midnite
    D Company Commander: Captain Orion


    The Regiment currently runs events with the rest of I Corps on Saturdays and Sundays
    EU Events are held every Saturday and Sunday at 3pm Eastern Time / 8pm GMT
    US Events are held every Saturday and Sunday Evening at 8pm Eastern Time

    Longstreet's I Corps

    Corps Commander: Major General Drax

    4th Texas Infantry Regiment: COL Goondawg
    5th Texas Infantry Regiment: LTC James
    18th Georgia Infantry Regiment: COL Polock
    Holcombe's Legion: CPT Midnite
    Palmetto Sharpshooters E: CPT Gunner
    Rowan’s Artillery (North Carolina): CPT Tea
    Brockenborough's Artillery: CPT George
    Jefferson Davis Legion D: CPT Broos

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    Welcome to the CSA!

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    Welcome aboard brothers in arms!

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