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Thread: Edwin C. Bearss has passed away.

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    Edwin C. Bearss has passed away.

    Word is crossing the wire that the one-and-only Civil War (and WWI and WWII) historian, the indefatigable 97-year-old Edwin C. Bearss, has died.

    I have not yet spoken with his daughter Ginny (we are routinely in touch) but it looks to be true. A very sad day, my friends.

    When he was suffering from dehydration at Gettysburg and collapsed a few years back, he looked up and saw Howard's statue and in his unique way, said "God, take me when you want, but my God not under the shadow of O. O. Howard! Can't I die by Hancock!" Or words to that effect.

    Let us hope he and Hancock are together now. If they are, Ed Is pointing his walking stick this way and that, asking Hancock questions.

    I was fortunate enough to work with Ed on several book projects, for which I am grateful.

    Rest in Peace my friend.

    Ted and all of us here at Savas Beatie.
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    I think we saw him as a tour guide at Gettysburg cemetery at the anniversary (or was it Fredericksburg - bit hazy there) when we visited during our battlefield research roadtrip years ago. It was an old fellow whom seemed very familiar to me at least but as we weren't part of the group and just passing by I didn't get a proper look at him.

    - Trusty

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    Well there goes a wealth of knowledge!

    And a true gentleman.

    RIP my friend.

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    I had the pleasure of meeting him 11 months ago at Gettysburg and shaking his hand at Lee's HQ. He was one of an extremely small handful of people I might actually seek out to ambush for a photo op with like that. What really surprised me is how cognitive he seemed for someone of that age. His voice was not quite what it was but it was still there and his hearing was poor. When he spoke, people listened. I said this at the time and I still feel the same way - that he was the biggest 'celebrity' I ever wanted to meet. He seemed to me like someone who put everything into something. That something just happened to be Civil War history.
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