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Thread: 1st Tennessee Infantry, Co. K "Boon's Creek Minutemen"

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    1st Tennessee Infantry, Co. K "Boon's Creek Minutemen"

    1st Tennessee Volunteer Infantry (Provisional Army), Company K

    Boon's Creek Minutemen

    The 1st Tennessee Infantry was mustered into service at Winchester, Tennessee in April of 1861. Sent to Virginia, the regiment fought in Anderson's, Hatton's, Archer's, and McComb's brigades across every major battle of the Army of Northern Virginia from Seven Pines to Appomattox. The regiment surrendered with the rest of Lee's army with 8 officers and 30 men.

    The regiment, along with the rest of General Hill's Light Division, was left at Harper's Ferry to parole prisoners when the battle of Antietam began. Executing a forced march, the division arrived in time to blunt the Union advance on Lee's right flank. Colonel Turney of the 1st briefly led the brigade until arriving on the battlefield, at which point General Archer took over.

    At Gettysburg Archer's Brigade and the 1st Tennessee engaged in heavy fighting against the Iron Brigade in Herbst Woods. The regiment was in reserve on the 2nd day and took part in Picket's Charge on the 3rd, reaching the stone wall but being driven back with heavy losses. They would leave their colonel, major, and colors there.

    The Boon's Creek Minutemen are full members of Hood's Division along with 5th Texas, 18th Georgia, Palmetto Sharpshooters, Rowan's Battery, and the Jefferson Davis Legion Cav. We are a newly formed infantry company surrounded by veterans of the community and dedicated to having a damned good time and creating the kinds of bonds that only the battlefield can create.
    We participate in the Hood's Division event schedule with both NA and EU events on Saturdays and Sundays with plenty of unscheduled pubstomps and other games being played at all times of the week.

    New Recruits follow this link: and contact Warning! Choking Hazard#1609.

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