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Thread: 1st Virginia Cavalry Company A

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    1st Virginia Cavalry Company A

    1st Virginia Cavalry Company A

    Be a part of a growing company, if you are a new player or experienced player our goal is to have fun and enjoy the game. We are a Cavalry company but also do line battles and other forms of major events. Some of our events do require set training and organization to maximize the experience. There are also times where we hold events for a more laid back experience. We also have an elite part where officer's and well experienced players can really maximize their enjoyment of "Killian's Crew". The Youth squad is for players under 16, enjoy the game and to learn the history while having fun.

    General Rules, Respect to be shown at all times that includes game talk and private matters. Animal noise is banned from private matches - you will get a ban and kicked from the company. Communication is a vital part of this game, we don't want stupid/silly/lame name tags, please stick to names in the time period or appropriate names. To take part in a major event you may be asked to have access to a mic for proof of age. Discrimination and other forms of abuse is a - NO - the game is set in a period where this was accepted - NO I will not accept this behaviour. "Help new players, you were new once, this is also a good way to improve chances of promotion. When you're playing this game with our company you are representing who we are so please conduct yourself in a fitting way. Drinking while playing -- knock yourself out. Bullying - do I need to mention its a NO - You Must have a WoR identity and submit an application to join 1st Virginia Company A

    Training will be decided by officers on the day, this may be fire drills, marching drills, or anything we think we need to improve on. Also the numbers that attend a drill will depend on what we can do. We will set dates depending on the officer's time scale and time zone. It is a requirement to attend a major training event when organized to progress into the officer's position. It is a requirement to attend training once every 2 weeks to enter our major events. date's and times will be posted in discord at this present time.

    Killian's Crew show no mercy, give no quarter - One And All

    "Here we will stand and fight; there will be no further withdrawal. I have ordered that all plans and instructions dealing with further withdrawal are to be burned, and at once. We will stand and fight here. If we can't stay here alive, then let us stay here dead. Officers and experienced players only to take part as Killian's crew. This will form the elite of 1st Virginia Cavalry Company A. Interview based acceptance only, officers automatically accepted. To take part in public matches leading the way, to overlook private matches up to a 1000 player event.

    Show no mercy give no quarter - One And All

    Youth If you are under 16 you are more then welcome to join us, the rules are the same for every player and there are condition you must agree with Respect is the most important rule of this company - meaning that you talk to other people with respect show respect and allow people to have opinions that may differ from yours. I will not accept bullying in any form from one player to another in this company. To reach officer level you will need to prove yourself, how you conduct yourself in game at all times. officer's will be players over 16, however if you stand out you can obtain such ranking. Following game orders is a must even if you disagree with the orders. Any problems or questions you have, please mail me in company tool /discord or steam. Attendance - you are at school - education will always come 1st, you will NOT lose ranking or position due to school or family time. In public games do not bring disrespect to the company and even more so to yourself.. you will be invited to join major events and to take part in public games OUR company joins. Now the fun stuff This group will be the youth, if we can get enough youth players then that would be great to form a regiment that OUR experienced youth team will lead as officers. Meet other players form friendships and enjoy other game's feel free to use our discord for such game's. learn history, there will be questions on the civil war that will require you to learn the real history, every month a winner will be picked and they may lead a full regiment in a private game 150 to a player 1000 game.

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