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Thread: Where is the updated melee at?

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    Where is the updated melee at?

    Announced 5 years ago, where is it?
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    I'd like to know as well. And by the way, where are the musicians? It's literally taking years to do the recordings. I think we would be fine with placeholder sounds if needed.
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    While we're at it, where's Cavalry? Or even the ability to choose which units are on what map when you're running a server?

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    The silence is deafening!!! People are indeed getting burnt out even groups who were bringing 30 to events a month ago are struggling to bring in the low teens and the reason is a lack dynamic gameplay among many other issues. It’s difficult to find enjoyment in doing the same thing over and over again especially when there are so many better games available fighting for your attention.
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    I think the lack of 200 player servers is really hurting the community, i feel like people are starting to get burnt out

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    Thats true. A server with a 200 player size or even higher would be a great thing for all the players who want to create bigger battles. Also i'm not sure if the server could handle so many players because the performance isn't that great with only 150.
    I think to enlarge the desertionzones could also be a good thing if the servers still make troubles, so the officers could easier try out new movements or to attack the enemy from a different angle.
    To choose which unit you want to play on which map is not that necessary, because i think it is good as it is. This keeps the diversion on every map. The only thing i would have in mind is to increase the units on every map to choose from, but this only makes sense if you enlarge the maps.

    The cavalry will be a big change to the gameplay itself and i am not sure if it makes sense to let them have their horses in the skirmish modes. The maps aren't that big that you would need a horse, at least in my opinion ^^

    I'm a bit scared of the melee system that was announced. It could change a lot and before that the servers should get rid of most of the desync, because that will affect a new system for melee.

    Just my thoughts!

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    I agree. I think the silence is deafening here as mentioned before. I really hope to get an update on this. Players are getting burnt out, we're not pulling the numbers we used to. People come in once in a while, and you won't see them again for a bit. Hell, myself, I just came back from a hiatus. I've even spoken to some big twitch streamers and they don't wanna touch this game right now. We need to get to work as a community. How can we help? This game is gonna be dead before it even is fully complete. No hate, no disrespect intended. If we can help, let us know. But keep us updated. The communication is terrible.
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    The melee right now with the soft stabs and just overall performance is very bad. Atleast put it back to the old way? I don't know when it changed either with arty or the platform change but it needs some love.
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