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Thread: The Game is Staler than Year Old Bread

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    I supported the last big effort to ask for more communication/transparency and implementation of arty.
    Not for myself but to support voices and concerns of the community, I also took some absence from the game.
    While there is room for improvement and some need for 'gamechangers', our 'raging' has rarely sped up development
    (maybe even slowed it down cause we liked some stuff altered/added or get lost in to some forum banter)

    As seen in the past, I hope people keep coming up with ideas and ask questions and hopefully answers will follow.
    I hope some ideas will be implemented, the platform system change will be a success ... but I'm to tired on picking fights
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jigsaw View Post
    People can't keep using, "it's a small, independent team" as a crutch. The most maddening thing is nobody really communicates what's going on to the player base as a whole.

    There are so many things that were promised years ago but are now not even discussed. Improved melee, cavalry, and musicians to name a few.

    What about some new and improved maps instead of the same 4-5 maps being used over and over because it's all that's not terrible to play? Allow other conditions for victory besides capture and hold the point. Let server admins decide what units and weapons can be used in a battle instead of sticking us with the same two on each side because, "that's who was there" even in fictional scenarios loosely based on an actual battle.

    This game can improve by leaps and bounds, but it takes work, transparency, and innovation on the part of the developers.
    They're extremely active in certain chats. As for the other things, they should be put to the bottom of the priority list. Order of development after the platform system should be; Musicians, Calvary, Polish/Optimize , Historical Mode, and release.
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    At the moment, trolls rule this game, especially the guy Ralph and his buddies run around tking people with friendly cannons as you get no punishment for friendly kills. After reaching out to developers here and Steam, I'm even being ignored about it, so they don't care anymore.

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    I guess they figure if they ignore us we'll just go away after all they already have our money.

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    I don't think Europeans decide to make an American Civil War game solely to make money. /\

    I agree with pretty much everything the OP said, except I don't think the staleness of the skirmishes would be that much better with a 'sandbox' mode.

    The admin controls need expansion, it's an event-oriented game. It's very displeasing to me that there are no better ways to run things. It was said that they didn't want big announcements in the face of the gamer interrupting gameplay. Okay, so what about events? You don't think that interrupts gameplay? I'm literally stopping gameplay and threatening bans and yet I can't put colorful chat in someone's face or voice chat in God-mode. I held a server for 19 months for basically nothing, assuming eventually better controls would come out. As it stood then, you need to bring your own organization and willing participants to even do basic things like communicate effectively to the players visiting your server.

    I already warned many many times about the risks of becoming an event-oriented game. BCoF is going the same route, which is madness (and I otherwise have no interest in their game). Content does not solely make a game. You need public gameplay that functions decently. Putting an out of line timer on an officer is going after a symptom of a problem that I've harped on many, many times. I haven't even played in 5 months (before artillery) and I have almost no inclination to for the time being. It's a stress-inducer, not a stress-reliever. Since community servers came out I've screen capped server lists weekly--there's an obvious gravitation towards place & time gaming. Server pop peaks are always due to set events.

    Playing the game reminds me of going into any confusing and annoying situation in real-life with strangers. Nobody wants to work with each other and you have no idea where other people are coming from. That works well for a lot of games. Not Civil War combat. Naturally players go to the shelter of group-think within the gameplay or you leave. Group-think doesn't allow for innovation. You get no feedback. Leaders can't lead. They have no authority. Well you should join a clan, dude. Of course clans are gonna get bored too because they aren't really playing a game so much as creating a social club within a game which operates on its own rules. If you have to join an organization to enjoy a game, that's a problem. It isn't rocket science. I talked about this 3 years ago, I talked about it 1 year ago. You need competitive, enjoyable gameplay. Nobody comes in a game like this to play on his own and nobody comes to follow a complete dithering idiot with no powers of relegation or anything even close. He's a class with a pistol that can draw lines.

    That's a disaster, completely senseless. To go into this while claiming to be going towards a niche product and not caring about its popularity is to knee cap the community and the genre and itself. If a player can't decide to try out a game and then find an enjoyable experience then the community can't grow. First the European community will die and become super-late night-only and then the American one will start to wither.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Poorlaggedman View Post
    First the European community will die
    Challenge accepted

    I have the hope that we get more possibilities in the admin menu through the platform update. It is really needed.  02

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maximus Decimus Meridius View Post
    Challenge accepted

    I have the hope that we get more possibilities in the admin menu through the platform update. It is really needed.
    They said expanding admin features isn't currently their focus. Which I'm fine with, they've got a lot of stuff to do for the platform system. In regards to the Admin features Trusty said this "expanding them is not a focus at the moment. Getting them to function with the platform system is."
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