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Thread: The 32nd Ohio

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    The 32nd Ohio

    Greetings from the newly formed 32nd Ohio,

    To the point, I am inviting you to the 32nd Ohio regiment. I’d like just a couple of minutes to convince you why the 32ndOH is the regiment to join. You may have seen many different regiments in the game already, and you may wonder why there are so many, despite this game being so early, and that there are only about 1-3 full servers at any given time. We organize ourselves differently, we already have growth, and we will be an active War of Rights community. Our regiment is new, because we have learned from the failures of previous larger regiments that have either fallen apart, or stunted in growth, or, at worst, caused so much conflict within the regiment, that no one is really happy being in them anymore. So we have started this new regiment to focus on what matters to the average gamer - friendly environment, non-commitments by the members, a flexible schedule, and having merit-based promotions.

    We are a group of players who have seen the typical downsides of other regiments, and have come up with a new organization that will promote growth and more equality amongst the members. Most other regiments make a mistake of promoting any active private to an NCO rank, this creates an NCO and Officer heavy regiment, and devalues what constitutes an NCO or Officer. We are creating our organization in a way that most of our members will be privates. We will implement a merit-based promotion system based on recruiting, meaning if people want to rank up, they can’t just take control of former members, they will need to put skin in the game, bring in new members, and then will have a chance to move up the ranks by a vote from their peers. This is what will motivate people to recruit, and ensure that we are a regiment that grows from the bottom up. Having the vote system, will also demonstrate that the elected NCOs are truly members championed by their peers, and no one person will move up without support of their fellow members.

    Our goal is to have a couple hundred of both NA and EU members. This means a more active and diverse Discord. More ideas, more gamers available to play with, and better off-game discussions, again, because of a more diverse crowd. And with minimal rules - on just basically not being a toxic horrible person, there are no real rules where people can’t freely be themselves. One other big rule is that real life will come first, so we understand that while we ask you to do your best to make our events, you will not be penalized for having a life. Most gamers are either adults who work, or younger adults and teenagers who attend school. We try to host our events at the most convenient hours, but if you need to sleep early, leave early, or can not attend for whatever reason, you will not be penalized for not making a “required” number of events. Granted, it should be obvious that to advance in the ranks, the gamers will want NCOs and Officers who are active and aware of what is happening in the 32nd, and what changes need to be made and are coming; so not attending may hinder your desire to advance. However, no gamer will be penalized for having a life.

    Again, the goal of the 32ndOH is to create a community that is influenced by the average gamer. While yes, the founding officers will have their own meetings, feedback will be taken after each event as an entire group, so your voice will be heard. Certainly not all ideas can be materialized, so if there ever is a “no,” there will be a reasonable description as to why. But all of our gamers will be heard at the end of each event from those who wish to speak. This will create a stronger bond between the gamers, and will lead to a community where the gamers feel they are being heard.

    If you have made it to the end, I hope you can already tell we are serious about creating a more solid community for this game. And I truly hope you will at least visit our Discord so you can meet some of us and so that we can answer any questions you may have. We started with four founding members and are already near 10 within a week. We are hoping by Halloween, we will have the numbers that most other regiments have, and by the end of November, will have the numbers that the largest regiments have. Just remember, that in the 32nd Ohio, the community will be about “us,” and not the egos and ambitions of just some officers.

    Feel free to add me:
    on Discord: KingBob#2025
    on Steam:

    Thanks again for taking your time to read this lengthy invite

    32nd Ohio,
    War of Rights Regiment

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    Had a great time with 23rd Ohio, 51st New York, and IVB. Great job to everyone on two hard fought wins tonight

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    Had a great time with 23rd Ohio, 51st New York, and IVB. Great job to everyone on two hard fought wins tonight

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    32nd Ohio has come a long way. We now have 31 in Discord, with at least 10 showing up to each event now. We are growing exponentially and are excited for new players to the game to come take a look

    Our Discord:

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    Great community! Love this group! Lots of fun to hang around these guys. Pretty casual gameplay, yet really freaking cool when you're line battling another huge line. It's not as serious as squad or arma. Still awesome to get drunk and get the teamwork together, shoot some boyos, or stab them in the face!

    I've been running for them for a few months now. Great group of guys, even better gameplay!

    YOU DIE!

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    Attending 1st Drill tonight!

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