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Thread: Trolls have taken over the public servers

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    Quote Originally Posted by trustyjam View Post
    you introduced yourself as ralph to me when you counter-reported nightfire via a pm on this forum a few days ago so i would suggest you to stand by who you actually are instead of playing the con game.

    - trusty
    aww snap! [insert classroom ooooohhh noises]

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    No other way to get some information out without being instantly discredited by the few agitators. Glad to see you read my message.

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    It's amazing how he still finds himself the victim even with so much evidence around against him and his buddies and even outed by a developer where he once again tried to impersonate someone just like he does in game.

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    Most of the Regimental players are going into public matches to team kill and purposely throw the match for their own amusement. This will cause the game to die very quickly as the regiments must recruit from public players but since they're abusing public matches the public players are just going to stop playing and since regimental players come and go over time and without replacements they will die out too. Server admins are not regulating because they don't think intentional team killing and game-crash mic spammers in public matches warrants action. During 11/25/2020, 3 or 4 matches in a row were thrown by the CSA team lead by members of one of the AL tagged regiments and eventually the USA team also had a lot of team killing occurring with no effort to regulate it. The 3 team kill temp ban rule is easily avoided since they can spread the tk's among themselves and other public players they command to commit tk's for petty reasons.

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