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Thread: United European Community - Biathlon Event - Saturday Edition

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    Unit: Hoke's Brigade
    Faction (Union/CSA): CSA
    Time zone (NA/EU): Eastern/NA
    Commanding officer (with link): Noah Your profile will be available at:
    SteamID: 76561198424994684
    Number of attendance (valued):approx 10 but growing
    Preferred role (Line/Skirmishers): Will detach skirmishers if coordinated as such, we have skirmisher battalions.
    We have an artillery section (yes/no)(numbers): Yes, although sometimes not used. (5)
    I have read the rules and accept (yes):yes
    All answers subject to change will update if necessary

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    Nov 2018
    German Corps
    Units: 20th New York Company A & E "Turner Bataillon" & 5th Ohio
    Faction (Union/CSA): Union
    Time zone (NA/EU): EU
    Commanding officers (with link): Col. Max Weber & LtC. F.Harson
    Number of attendance (valued): ca. 20
    Preferred role (Line/Skirmishers): Line and Arty
    I have read the rules and accept (yes): yes

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    Dec 2015
    Glenmoore PA
    Unit: 18th Regiment North Carolina Volunteers Co. A "The German Volunteers"
    Faction: CSA
    Time Zone: EU
    Commanding Officer: Cpt. Lemuel Todd
    Number of attendance (valued): 10
    Preferred role: Skirmisher
    I have read the rules and accept: I wrote them.

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    Unit: 83rd PVI
    Faction (Union/CSA): USA
    Time zone (NA/EU): EU
    Commanding officer (with link): 1SGT Kotow
    Number of attendance (valued): 12-15
    Preferred role (Line/Skirmishers): Line
    We have an artillery section (yes/no)(numbers):yes (H Batt) (3)
    I have read the rules and accept (yes): yes

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    Feb 2020
    Camp Olden, New Jersey
    Unit: 4th New Jersey Volunteer Infantry Regiment
    Faction (Union/CSA): Union
    Time zone (NA/EU): EU/NA
    Commanding Officer: LtCol Rud
    Number of attendance (valued): 10 - 15
    Preferred role (Line/Skirmishers):Line
    I have read the rules and accept (yes): Yes

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    Unit: 4th Pennsylvania Cavalry
    Faction (Union/CSA): USA
    Time zone (NA/EU): NA/EU
    Commanding officer (with link): 2dLieut. Parker
    Number of attendance (valued): 10-15
    Preferred role (Line/Skirmishers): Skirmishers
    We have an artillery section (yes/no)(numbers): No
    I have read the rules and accept (yes): Yes
    2d Lieutenant,

    4th Pennsylvania Cavalry

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