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Thread: "Game" or "Simulation"?

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    Quote Originally Posted by TrustyJam View Post
    There is no true to life simulation. I'd still say we're somewhere in between of the meaning of the two.

    - Trusty
    Real life is as close to real as it gets

    But the point I am trying to make is from what I see, it's way more than a game, and therefore should not be approached with a 100% game mentality, based on what is trying to be accomplished by the developers. This may ultimate redfine "gaming".

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rithal View Post
    I second Trusty's reply. There are dozens of "simulators" out there that are basically jokes.

    I will list a few off for you:

    Construction Simulator 2015
    Ski Region Simulator 2012
    Ship Simulator 2006
    Grass Simulator

    More serious simulator games include the Train Simulator series, Euro/American Truck Simulator, and Farming Simulator 2013/2015.

    While War of Rights definitely is a hardcore game that attempts to be as realistic as possible, it doesn't really line up with the "simulators" above. It is a game. Calling it a simulator would be like calling Red Orchestra 2 a simulator or Verdun a simulator.

    In my opinion, to call it a simulator, it would need to line up all aspects of military life with how it was in 1862. Really, it doesn't do that. It gives us the combat, and that's about it. Any more, and it would be more like a roleplaying game rather than a simulator.
    Don't forget Goat Simulator as one of the joke ones.
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    I would say it's more like NW + RO2 + own additions.

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