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Thread: Balance of Power 1914: SPH

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    Balance of Power 1914: SPH

    Balance of Power: 1914
    Europe is unknowingly holding its breath before what will become one of the world's most devastating conflicts. The effects of the Great war are far easier to list than its definitive cause with historians scratching their heads at who was truly to blame for the war. Perhaps the Great War was simply a combined European effort caused by centuries of rising tension that ultimately erupted into this tragic war. You may have heard that the war began when Gavrilo Princip shot the Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand, this was however more of the “spark” that ignited the war, it escalated into world war with Germany executing the Schlieffen plan, anticipating that Russia would declare war on Germany and Austria, thus triggering the Franco-Russian Alliance. Executing the Schlieffen plan meant that Belgium’s neutrality would be violated, this therefore brought Britain to arms against Germany and the stage was now set. Europe would destroy itself with 4 years of total war and forever change the world. In this timeline where will the spark ignite? The Balkans remains as the proverbial powder keg of Europe but perhaps another match will be lit elsewhere. It is up to you the player to decide the fate of your individual countries whether that road leads to victory or ruin.

    Britain- Sarado
    France- Wellesley
    Germany- Fatih
    Austria-Hungary- Jupiter
    Russia- Cazasar
    Ottoman Empire- Garacho
    Italy- Biscuits, Brown
    Bulgaria- The Cow567
    Denmark- Deathwingaa
    Greece- Michaelsmithern
    Netherlands- (Reserved)
    Romania- PaperMatic
    Serbia- Julien
    Spain- Soulfly
    Sweden- DarkTemplar

    The alliances listed represent most of the core agreements responsible for the causes and escalation for the Great War. You the players are encouraged to look into the terms of your own treaties to both negotiate and perhaps object to changes etc made. It is your responsibility to point the flaws out and I as the GM to simulate a reaction similar to that of a newspaper. Breaking agreements, depending on the severity of the breaking and of the term itself being broken will be at the expense of player reputation and trust along with the possible implications of your respective governments splitting etc. Reactions by AI both outside of your respective countries and in equal measure within your countries will be handled at my discretion as I see fit for the benefit of RP.

    British and French establishing a diplomatic understanding between the two nations. No military obligations as of yet.

    Anglo-Russian Convention
    Similar to that of the Entente Cordiale.

    Franco-Russian Alliance
    Defensive Pact.

    Triple Alliance- Italy, Austria-Hungary and Germany
    Defensive Alliance.

    Treaty of London (1839)
    The Austro-Hungarian Empire, the Kingdom of Belgium, the French Third Republic, the German Empire, the Kingdom of the Netherlands, the Russian Empire and finally the United Kingdom of Great Britain.

    Starting Map

    Current Map

    Several matches were lit in the previous years but none have lit the flame of a global war. 1914 sees a great standoff between two great blocks, powers affiliated with the Entente alliances (mostly unified by the threat of Germany and Austria-Hungary) pitted against the Triple and uneasy alliance between Austria-Hungary, Germany and Italy (an alliance born out of fears of diplomatic isolation). Tensions are as high as ever in the Balkans after the annexation of Bosnia-Herzegovina during the previous year and that of the Balkan wars. What we see before us is the pinnacle to the idea of "Nationalism". The loyalties of communities largely answer to that of the state and as radical ideas of self-determination, jingoism and Pan-Slavism ring out through the various social classes of Europe. One thing is clear, not all will survive this period and for some it may mean finally bending to the will of the masses. only time will tell whether or not the European powers will bend or break when confronted with issues at home and the looming threat of war.

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    "Съ нами Богъ!"

    Mother Russia Awakes!
    Too long Russia has been considered backwards compared to its european Rivals! A grand Reform from our mighty Tsar will change that once and for all. New investments in Industry and Agriculture, the End of Serfdom and other changes will prepare Russia for the years to come. For the Tsar!

    Reconsidering Relations
    It is no secret that the current Alliances in Europe are a certain deadlock that antagonizes Nations that shouldnt be antagonized. The Russian Tsar Invites several Nations to Talk about its relation to Russia: The Austrian Empire, The German Empire, The Ottoman Empire, Romania, The United Kingdom, Bulgaria, Greece, Sweden, Albania and Italy.
    The Tsar hopes that these talks will be fruitful and ensure a long and prosporous Peace in Europe.
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    Bulgaria post #1

    "Бог е с нас"

    Russian Conference

    Upon receiving an invitation from the Russian Empire, Tsar Ferdinand has accepted and has authorized a Bulgarian Delegation to attend the conference. The Tsar hopes that the meeting is productive and creates deeper bonds of friendship between all European nations assembled.

    Subsidies for Farmers

    Passed into law on the 15th of January headed mainly by the Bulgarian Agrarian National Union. The Agricultural Adjustment Act of 1914 has been passed in order to increase commodities within the food and fiber sector; With An emphasis on providing subsidies to the agrarian class of the nation. Especially those who are interested in expanding their farming and ranching operations. The Bulgarian government is also putting a great emphasis on the Nation’s territories in Thrace, in order to increase tobacco revenue in the region. Tsar Ferdinand who gave consent to the bill in speech during its ratification, “Bulgaria was built and still is a nation of farmers, and as such they should be supported in their endeavors.”

    Increased Funding for the Navy

    The Kingdom of Bulgaria, blessed with access to the Aegean and Black Seas, has deemed it necessary to increase the size of its navy in the interest of protecting its coastline and commercial traffic. Extra funding has been allocated to the navy to increase its size and strength. To complete this task new and capable vessels are required to be built, and construction will begin shortly to remedy this. The Bulgarian Government is also in the market for purchasing vessels that other nations are willing to part with in return for monetary compensation.
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    "Где год Србин живи, то је Србија!“

    A United Balkans is a strong Balkans
    In the past, the peoples of the Balkan fought against each other. This was a time of horror, pain, and losses. Two recent wars have shown what happens when our people do not stand together. But we also learned what our people can achieve when we stand together.
    This is why Serbia is enthusiastic about the initiative of its ally Russia, this will be the first meeting in a long time where the people of the Balkan will sit together at one table. Not as enemies but as friends. Serbia hopes that this meeting can be the start of a stronger partnership between the Balkan Nations and that a cooperation against foreign powers acting against the interests of the Balkan nations can be grown.

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