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Thread: Suggestions for Artillery.

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    Suggestions for Artillery.

    As of right now we can't fire beyond point blank range accurately because there's no Pendulum-Hausse on the gun.
    So a Pendulum-Hausse would be VERY helpful to fire accurately at range.

    However, another problem occurs with long range shooting. And that is the drawing distance. Is there anyway at all for the developers to increase this? Already at 350y (which is short range for a gun) textures start glitching out and disappearing. A gunner needs to be able to watch his own shots land with the naked eye in order to make proper adjustments.

    Then the next problem occurs on SHORTER ranges, the fusetime. The fusetime can't be made lower than ONE second. Despite the fact that for example in 'Instruction for Field Artillery' a Light 12-pounder gun SHELL needs a fuse of 3/4 of a second fuse for the 300 yard. Which means we can't even properly bombard anything BELOW 350 yard with shell unless there's terrain BEHIND them that can stop the round.

    In short, can't shoot accurately past 350yard because of textures not rendering and not having a Pendulum-Hausse to fire beyond point blank range.
    But we can't set up our FUSES for BELOW 350 because there's a limiter on the fuse length.
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    Quick addition. I think there's a whole lot more wrong even than I first thought with the whole range to fuse time system. For example the indicator stating that a 1s fuse will explode at 0 yards for the 3-inch ordnance gun. Seemingly for that gun everything under 380 yards is an unreliable indication. The whole fuse time system also seems to break when point the piece up and trying to then bring the fuse time down.

    ANYWAYS I did some research and for the light 12-pounder shell and case shot they used Bormann fuses. These had a fuzetime ranging from 1/2 a second to 5-1/4 seconds. So historically speaking giving us that 1/2 fuse option for a light 12 pounder would be historically accurate too!

    I'm sure the devs still have a lot to work on for the arty, but this certainly is important! As well as (if it is broken) making sure the velocity and trajectory of both guns are accurate!
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    How about they first add harder teamkilling punishment on the cannons, as right now trolls can just aim right into friendly lines and kill them the entire round and receive no punishment.

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    I second with the pendulum sight. Is this a planned feature? If so, is it currently being worked on? Or is it on the back burner in order to get other systems in place first?

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    Something needs to be done. At the very least fix the sights on 12 and 10 pounders. You can't even see the sights on them to aim.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jigsaw View Post
    Something needs to be done. At the very least fix the sights on 12 and 10 pounders. You can't even see the sights on them to aim.
    Thank you for the feedback.

    It's a known issue and is on our todo list of fixes we're working on.

    - Trusty

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    Can you please - PLEASE - add the ability for the artillery officer to mark where crews should aim? Its no different than an infantry officer marking where to form a battle line - right now trying to tell crews where to aim is a giant pain in the tail.

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    First of all I'm going to say, thanks for adding the shorter fuse times, that's awesome!

    Secondly, I've got some questions regarding case shot.
    Case shot is a shrapnel shot. Aka a shot with a fuse, gun powder and iron balls inside.
    French, Barry and Hunts 'Instruction for Field Artillery' recommends for shell to be exploded inside a unit and case 50 to 70 yards in front. (page 28)
    I assume the logical explanation is that, upon explosion, all the bits fly forward (in the direction the round was already going). And upon explosion they will spread, at 50 to 70 yards you get the perfect amount of spread. Also, when you have it explode in the center, a few people will absorb all the shrapnel, rather than it hitting lots of people.
    Now, I went out to try this on the artillery range and got some really nice shots exploding right before the target, but no registered hits on said target.

    So my questions are as follows:
    Does case work the way I described it in game?
    If it does, can the targets register the shrapnel of the case shot?

    If it can't MY SUGGESTION is as follows; please add this feature! It is essential to practicing with case shot!

    Thanks for reading and have a nice day.

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    For the draw distance, if your officer isn't watching with their binos then it's down to the naked eye and those buggers don't come with built in zoom. Whilst watch the shot fly is good, it's the duty of the officer to be watching it all like a hawk rather than the gunners trying to eye ball the target. Increases in drawdistance would still be brilliant as assisting what can be seen by gunners would be brilliant due to how far some of the battery locations are. The batteries on the highs around Harper's for example is guesswork on seeing anything moving without binos a lot of the time.

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    Just please get rid of the moveable camera thing and put it on a single fixed camera behind the aiming spike like everyone else does who has ever done artillery for this era. Yeah I guess it adds some challenge but the only challenge I find myself dealing with is not yelling loudly each time I try and make the camera cooperate. So please, single fixed point, not moving camera.
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