As of right now we can't fire beyond point blank range accurately because there's no Pendulum-Hausse on the gun.
So a Pendulum-Hausse would be VERY helpful to fire accurately at range.

However, another problem occurs with long range shooting. And that is the drawing distance. Is there anyway at all for the developers to increase this? Already at 350y (which is short range for a gun) textures start glitching out and disappearing. A gunner needs to be able to watch his own shots land with the naked eye in order to make proper adjustments.

Then the next problem occurs on SHORTER ranges, the fusetime. The fusetime can't be made lower than ONE second. Despite the fact that for example in 'Instruction for Field Artillery' a Light 12-pounder gun SHELL needs a fuse of 3/4 of a second fuse for the 300 yard. Which means we can't even properly bombard anything BELOW 350 yard with shell unless there's terrain BEHIND them that can stop the round.

In short, can't shoot accurately past 350yard because of textures not rendering and not having a Pendulum-Hausse to fire beyond point blank range.
But we can't set up our FUSES for BELOW 350 because there's a limiter on the fuse length.