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Thread: 3rd Minnesota Infantry Regiment

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    3rd Minnesota Infantry Regiment


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    History About 3rd Minnesota Volunteer Infantry Regiment

    "E Pluribus Unum"

    The 3rd Minnesota Infantry Regiment was mustered in by companies at Fort Snelling, Minnesota, between October 2 and November 14, 1861, and was sent to Kentucky on November 14, 1861. It remained on garrison duty in Kentucky and Tennessee until most of the men were captured by Nathan Bedford Forrest at Murfreesboro, Tennessee, on July 13, 1862. They were subsequently paroled and sent to Benton Barracks at St. Louis, Missouri, to await parole. Their commanding officer, Colonel Lester, and the other officers who voted for surrender were held accountable for the debacle at Murfreesboro and were dismissed from the service in December 1862. Further description of the surrender at Murfreesboro can be found in the papers of William D. Hale, a member of the 3rd Minnesota.

    To enlist in the regiment be sure to request a company of the following, be sure to ping the said officer in #enlistment for furthur instructions!

    1st Company "Lester Volunteers" (EU) Lead by Cpt. Björklund
    2nd Company "Mattson Volunteers" (Swedish) Lead by Cpt. Grim

    Our Discord
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    Best of luck!

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    Good luck! hope to see you all on the battlefield soon!

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