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Thread: The 1st North Carolina Artillery Regiment

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    The 1st North Carolina Artillery Regiment

    Rowan's Battery was brought back to life by Captain Tea early in 2020 and has since grown into an active and well
    trained unit . We pride ourselves on our professionalism on the field, and our shenanigans off it. After growing it
    was expanded with the addition of Manly's Battery under the command of Cpt. Kink with both batteries now providing
    each half of the 1st North Carolina Artillery Regiment under Major Tea. We play every weekend as part of Hood's
    Division, a large and active community within War of Rights. If you are looking for a close knit and inclusive unit
    to play with then look no further! We also attend both EU and NA events with members from all over the globe
    so all are welcome! If the 1stNC sounds like a unit you would like to be a part of, then add Tea on steam and we'll get you
    red misting bluebellies in no time!

    10th Regiment Volunteers-1st Artillery was organized at Raleigh, North Carolina, in June, 1861, and was composed
    of five light companies (A,C,D,E, and I) and five heavy companies (B,F,G,H, and K). Companes A, C, D, and E served
    in the Army of Northern Virginia and took part in the campaigns of that army. Only 1 man was present at Appomattox.
    Companies B,G,H, and I served in North Carolina. Company H disbanded sometime after the fight at Plymouth, and
    Companies B,G, and I surrendered with the Army of Tennessee as infantry. Company F was captured at Fort Fisher
    and Company K was stationed at Weldon, North Carolina and disbanded during the winter of 1864-1865. The field
    officers were Colonels James A.J. Bradford and Stephen D. Pool; Lieutenant Colonels John L. Bridgers and Henry T.
    Guion; and Majors Stephen D. Ramseur, James Reilly, Thomas Sparrow, and William B. Thompson.

    The Battery was organized in Raleigh, NC and called the "ELLIS LIGHT ARTILLERY" and "ELLIS FLYING ARTILLERY"
    in honor of then governor John W. Ellis. When the battery's first captain, Stephen Dodson Rameur was appointed
    Colonel of the 49th Regiment NC Troops, 1st Lieut. Basil C. Manly was elected captain. The men decided to rename
    their company "Manly's Battery" in his honor. It was under this name that the battery served for the rest of the war.
    “Just prior to the Gettysburg campaign Manly’s Battery was reduced to four guns because of the general scarcity of
    horses, equipment, and men throughout the army. With two 12-pounder howitzers and two 3-inch rifles, the battery
    fired 1,146 rounds during the Gettysburg campaign. It was actively engaged on the field at Gettysburg on July 2nd
    and 3rd and during the retreat supported the cavalry at Funkstown, Maryland, on July 10th.

    The Rowan Artillery was called up 3 May 1861 for twelve months service. The men were organized in Salisbury,
    North Carolina before being sent to Weldon, North Carolina where the men would enter the Confederate service
    for 3 years or the duration of the war. It was here that Captain James Reilly took command of the artillery unit.
    Reilly was an Irish Immigrant, who had been a member of the United States regular army. He had fought during
    the Mexican American War in artillery and at the start of the War Between the States; Reilly was the Ordnance
    Sergeant at the United State post of Fort Johnston in Smithville, North Carolina. He was known in the service as
    A "Old Tarantula”, and was described by a soldier of the 4th Texas as A rough, gruff, grizzly and brave. He loved his
    profession and knew his business.

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