First of, great game, only regret is I didn't hear about it sooner.

About a year ago I joined a unit via the company tool that went inactive. I've kept it alive by logging in whenever I got the nag message about no activity. Never really used it, but what the Hell just kept it afloat.

Now my regiment is utilizing the company tool again after the recent platform update, starting fresh, and I'd like to join the company they are utilizing.

Couple of questions.

Can I desert to the Union and then desert to the Confederacy?

Any downside beyond having to explain the clunky nature of the company tool when I become a double agent turncoat secret Yankeereb?

Thanks, and if you add a way to make lateral moves without committing in game treason, that'd be nice.

A lot to ask for after just getting a persistent depth of field setting, but it's almost Christmas so I'll be bold.