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Thread: Artillery Issues [AWOL]

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    The hotfix helped with going out of line even when amongst your battery, however that hotfix didn't address the issue of Artillery officers being unable to spot effectively for their fall of shot due to having to remain too close to the guns. Also as Danish pointed out, its a nightmare just moving around the field now. I spent a large portion of an event awaiting at various spawns because the AWOL requirements are so severe for arti officers.
    Yeah that is still an issue.
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    I'll preface as well by saying that I'm very satisfied with the platform system as it's being implemented. I've had better FPS across the board and not suffered random crashes and boots with any frequency. The devs have shown an awesome amount of communication with the community as the hotfixes have been rolling out and I'm very much appreciative of the time and effort they put in to making sure this game is as good as it can be.

    Playing officer as either infantry or artillery felt much better when the OOL timer was glitched. Artillery could do what artillery needs to do to be effective and infantry didn't have to hope and pray that somebody would heed a text command and either get off the flag or come back to deployment.

    I believe that the OOL timer for the officer class has outlived its usefulness. The public playerbase is good about policing bad officership and a ramboing officer is already heavily punished by a hefty ticket loss if they die. The justification for it is rather weak when there are several maps with dismounted cavalry with pistols. These cavalry can rambo at will and far more effectively than an officer since they have a primary weapon after they expend their pistol shots. They don't rambo, though, at least not any more than musket infantry on other maps. So why does the officer class need such stringent restrictions when there are maps with 8 other people who can do much more damage if they go off alone?

    The current restrictions are ultimately more burdensome to the players who are trying their best to play the class properly than it is to the Pistol Petes who'd rambo as officer. I know I'd rather suffer a couple of in-formation deaths every 10 or so rounds than deal with a clunky mechanic that does little but make my job harder. At the very least the artillery need to be able to move far enough to spot. I'm firm that removing the officer OOL mechanic entirely is the best course for the long-term health of the game.

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    Agreed, really infuriating dying for no reason at all.

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    cant agree more its frustrating having to be stuck close to the battery and not be able to spot anything especially on maps with multiple battery's where you as a officer might need to go back and forth for sharing fire missions etc.

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    Agreed, give the Art boys some love! <3

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    I detest the out-of-line timers and would never even consider playing an 'officer' role because of it. If spawn times for certain roles (like officers) were longer, then less people would use it to rambo. If players had some say in who their officer was, rambos might not stay officers very long. Officer and NCO roles are way too small a pool. It should be larger and better managed without teams living or dying based on what random ass hat picks a role.
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    On one of the maps, you spawn all the way in the back (its the battery far right of the Corn map) as artillery officer and the cannons are always pushed up the hill, so you gotta run back to your cannon crew but you get out of line fast and die before you even get there.

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    This issue has not been resolved at all. Still extremely irritating trying to run a battery whilst going out of line yards from guns and the crews.

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    There is also an issue where the Infantry officers can't leave spawn when the flag is down in the field and its very annoying as you can't lead to recover it as you will go AWOL.

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