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Thread: Remove or delete inactive companies from the tool.

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    Unhappy Remove or delete inactive companies from the tool.

    There seems to a massive amount of inactive companies that don't even exist in-game on the tool itself, I find this quite frustrating as it makes smaller, newer active companies lower on the list than those units which last recruited a man in December of 2019. Also, there are some that "claimed" companies for themselves while not being active in-game or currently part of another regiment, I have approached some of these people personally and have asked that they give up the name to allow newer players to create these units that "claimed" if the wished, however, they refused so here I am before y'all. What yall think about this?

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    Hi there!

    The company tool is already getting its inactive companies freed up quite often.

    You can read about the specifics here:

    - Trusty

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