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Thread: 7th Tennessee Regiment!

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    7th Tennessee Regiment!

    Come check out the 7th Tennessee Regiment. We are actively Recruiting! We have plenty of room for growth and advancement!

    Our Companies are as follows:
    Company A: Infantry Company Captain: RandomRussian
    Company B: Infantry Company Captain: DeltaSoldier
    Company C: Skirmishers Company Captain: Meliodas
    Company D: Infantry Company Captain: Warmachine
    Company E: Infantry (European Company) To be incorporated Company Captain: Open

    Tennessee Battery Company Captain: DragonoftheWeast

    We have the following Events:
    Friday Nights: 8PM EST "The Southern Aggression" Hosted by 7th Tennessee, historical Line battle events.
    Saturday Nights: 9PM EST "North and South"
    Sunday Afternoon: 2PM EST "The Southern Aggression", and Sunday Night: War of rights event coordinator.

    Regiment Staff:

    Colonel Knight
    Lt. Colonel Turtle
    Administration Major: Botchers
    Field Major: Knudsonbros

    Come Check us out!!!!!
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    Good luck 7th Tennesse!

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