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Thread: 10th New York Independent Light Battery "Bruen's Battery"

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    10th New York Independent Light Battery "Bruen's Battery"

    The 10th New York Independent Light Battery, born as 2nd Excelsior Battery, was recruited and organized for the Excelsior Brigade, under authority of the War Department, dated October 1st, 1861, in New York city, and there mustered in the United States service for three years on April 9th, 1862 and was designated by the State authorities as 10th Battery.
    The men enlisted for the 3rd Excelsior Battery, which failed to complete its organization, were transferred to this battery, which, commanded by Capt. John T. Bruen, left the State on April 10th 1862. It served at and near Washington, D. C, from April, 1862; with the 2d Corps, Army of Virginia, from June, 1862; with the 1st Division, 12th Corps, Army of the Potomac, from September 12th, 1862; with the 3rd Division, 3rd Corps, from December, 1862.

    Bruen's Battery play with the 39th New York Co. A and it's part of the Lion Gaming Community.

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    Nice screenshots. Good luck!

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    dio popolo to our Italian Friends!

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