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    Meagher's Irish Brigade -

    Meagher's Irish Brigade war formed in September of 1861. The brigade initially was comprised of the 63rd New York Infantry, the 69th New York Infantry, the 88th New York Infantry, and the largely protestant 29th Massachusetts Infantry. Their commander was General Thomas Francis Meagher, an Irish revolutionary and hero of the 1848 Young Irelander revolution. The General actually is credited with the creation of the modern Irish flag. Meagher's brigade was assigned to Major General Israel Richardson's First Division, Major General Edwin Sumner's II Corps. The brigade fought valiantly, seeing combat for nearly five days straight during the Battles of the Seven Days. During the peninsula campaign, the brigade earned a reputation as ferocious fighters.

    The Irish Volunteer Brigade (IVB) was formed in late November of 2019. The brigade was initially formed out of the 69th New York companies K and I, and the 1st New York Light Artillery Battery B. Since then, the brigade has grown into the large unit it is today. The IVB is highly involved in the community, fighting in both NA and EU events. We are one of the largest and most respected groups in the community.


    Brigade Command
    Brigade Commanding Officer: Colonel Collector
    Brigade Executive Officer: Lt. Colonel Mustang

    (NA) 69th New York "The Fighting 69th"
    Commander: Major Sevie

    A Company "Rifles of Erin"
    B Company "Beno's Beagles"
    E Company "Irish Angels"
    F Company "Irish Wolfhounds"
    H Company "Mustering"
    K Company "Irish Zouaves"

    (EU) 88th New York "Mrs. Meagher's Own"
    Commander : Major Ojij

    A Company "Soldier's of Erin"
    D Company "The Big D"
    G Company "Drunkards"

    (Reserves) 29th Massachusetts
    Commander: Colonel Beno (Retired)

    (Misc.) Attached Artillery
    Commander: Cpt. SubaZebra

    1st New York Battery B "Pettit's Battery"
    2nd United States Battery G "Tidball's Battery"


    MONDAY Skirmish 8:00pm EST
    WEDNESDAY Picket Patrol 8:00pm EST
    SATURDAY Campaign 8:00pm EST
    SUNDAY Skirmish 8:00pm EST

    MONDAY Drill 8:00pm BST
    WEDNESDAY Picket Patrol 8:00pm BST
    SATURDAY Campaign 8:00pm BST
    SUNDAY Line Battle 8:00pm BST

    69th New York Infantry's Brigade Flag

    The Irish Brigade is recruiting! Fill the ranks of Irishman and help us send the rebs back to Richmond! We have members from all over the world, from Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, the United States, and etc. We have many opportunities for advancement, in multiple different branches. We have artillery, skirmishers, and line infantry. Join today!

    Click the poster to join the Discord

    You can enlist today at

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    The 69th New York is very proud to have been a part of the Union iron brigade during the filming of this scene - I have the distinction of being the officer deleted at 59 seconds in. Enjoy!

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