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Thread: 79th New York "Cameron Highlanders" - Company A

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    79th New York "Cameron Highlanders" - Company A

    79th 'Cameron Highlanders' New York Volunteer Infantry, Company A

    Historical Information
    The 79th New York were built mainly of Scottish-American volunteers who were led by one Samuel Mackenzie Elliot.
    Prior a doctor, Samuel M. Elliot signed up and reached the rank of Lt. Col. in of the Army of the Potomac. The 79th fought in over 20 battles,
    including the Siege of Knoxville and the beginning skirmishes of the Battle of Petersburg.

    79th Historical Roster

    Historical Images

    Company Information
    This company is based on a historical company, and as their loyal soldiers did,
    our soldiers must uphold the reputation of the company both in battle and out.
    This company is a fun and relaxed company in downtime,
    however strict discipline and maturity is expected during training,
    exercises and company meetings.
    Rules are found in the company discord.

    Here you can find our steam group!

    In order to join the 79th Volunteer Infantry Company D you must enlist at the following location;

    Enlistment Now!
    Email =
    Discord =

    We also request that you add me on steam, which you can do by pressing the button below.
    Company D has an age limit and basic behavioural requirements in joining such as MATURITY and DISCIPLINE

    You will also require our soldiers to have the ability to use discord and the ability to communicate,
    preferably through the use of a microphone.

    *Add me on steam*

    Rank Structure
    The rank structure is to be followed at all times by all members. If you have any question do not be afraid to ask the NCO's, they know information that may be useful to you! However, if you have any vital questions feel free to contact me or other company staff on the discord.

    Commissioned Officer

    1st Lieutenant
    2nd Lieutenant

    Non Commissioned Officer

    Sergeant Major
    Company QM Sergeant
    First Sergeant



    Available Medals
    More medals will become available in the near future, however, for now, we have the following;

    Civil War Campaign Medal

    This medal is for those that show dedication to the company
    for a period length equal to or longer than 3 months
    Medal of Honor

    This medal is for those who show gallantry and intrepidity
    at risk of life above and beyond the call of duty.

    Distinguished Service Cross
    Silver Star Medal
    Bronze Star Medal
    Legion of Merit
    Soldiers Medal

    Purple Heart
    Meritorious Service Medal
    Army Commendation Medal
    Army Achievement Medal

    NCO Professional Dev. Ribbon
    Army Service Ribbon
    Army Good Conduct Medal

    Combat Infantryman Badge
    Expert Infantryman Badge
    Recruiter Badge

    Expert Marksman Badge
    Rifle Clasp

    These medals are not historically accurate, and may not even exist and are simply for
    our troops to feel proud of achievements and of any work they have done.

    Company Roster

    Company A

    Commissioned Officers
    Captain: Kami
    1st Lieutenant: Spectre
    2nd Lieutenant: Anderson

    Non Commissioned Officers & Enlisted Men
    First Sergeant Samuel M. Elliot
    Private II Scott
    Private Nickle
    Private Piro
    Private TreeCat
    Private Swanson
    Private Bi
    Private Regperinwodge
    Recruit BigA
    Recruit MrDawson
    Recruit Tonka
    Recruit Greaves
    Recruit YaLocalMexican
    Recruit Vhester
    Recruit Techdeker
    Recruit Wildeye
    Recruit BlerdSpeak
    Recruit Bingman
    Recruit DerBrettboy
    Recruit Litchlynn
    Recruit ScoutsOfEntertainment
    Recruit TheFatWhiteNinja
    Recruit GeoSlates

    Volunteer Gauthier
    Volunteer Borris

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    Great unit I hope you’ve had some luck recruiting.

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    I'm Scottish myself. I'd join if only I wasn't mostly CSA. Alas. But I wish you good luck in bringing up a unit so close to my heart and home. Do Scotland proud brother.

    Side note I wonder if they will ever add kilts. It may sway me to the union side a bit more often.

    "Blessed be the LORD, my Rock, who trains my hands for war, my fingers for battle."

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    Huzza! Good luck my guy

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