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Thread: Multiple issues plaguing gameplay

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    Multiple issues plaguing gameplay

    Seems like more issues popping up lately with desync,voip,getting booted from the server,crashing, freezing and lately been getting a lesser freeze for about a second in addition to the 10 seconds freeze experienced during charges or at random times. Was really hoping the new platform would fix a lot of issues but so far it's created new ones. Can you share any progress going on in the background to get these issues squared away? For us old guys none of this will turn us away but new players may choose to leave because of the bugs.
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    Have you been submitting bug reports with the error tool on each instance occurring?

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    Yes hopefully that helps but until then can we can some information because things are much worse than before the platform update.

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    I have also experienced the "In Formation/Skirmishing/Out of Line" tracker saying "Last Stand" for the duration of entire matches. Odd.

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    I was spawned out of bounds with some other guys and we all died out of line. So far out we couldn't even run into bounds and save ourselves in time.

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