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Thread: Sound Bug

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    G'Day Mr. Holiday,

    Okay I got what you said the first time, and I must say that I'm a bit surprised that you claim to have purchased extra copies of the game thinking it would solve your issues. Kind of a backwards way of dealing with it if you ask me.

    Anyhow, that said, let's discuss the procedure you used in applying those new downloads to your system. I'm an old an cranky P.C., guy from back in the days when D.O.S., was king, and probably because of that, I have to ask.

    Did you delete the previous versions of the game prior to "re-installing" your new downloads? Did you take time to wipe the drive in between these "re-installs"? The thing with the way Windows works, versus the way D.O.S., used to is that Windows takes bits and pieces of the software and squirrels that information away in various other locations of your system outside of the application installation folder.

    If you don't do a proper uninstall and wipe of your system, fragments of the previous versions remain hidden on your drive.

    When I uninstall a program from my system(s), once I've deleted all the obvious files and folders, I run a program called 'CrapCleaner'. CC will root through your entire drive and find bits and pieces of miscellaneous applications and if they are not associated with an existing file/folder on your drive, it will remove those bits and pieces from your drive.

    The basic version of CC is a free download. But I have to warn you, if you're not too careful, it can clean things you may not want cleaned off your drive. For instance, CC will remove all shortcuts, and other links to web information unless you tell it not to. Also CC will remove all your program cookies. Cookies are those little bits and pieces that remain on your computer when you register certain locations, those bits and pieces would be user names and passwords. So if you have sites you visit and you rely on the cookies in your system to get you into the site, and you don't remember the passwords, ... well, you may have to re-register those sites again. Word to the Wise. Use with Caution.

    Once you run CC, you'll want to turn your computer off. As in dead cold off. Give it a rest of say 5 minutes or so, then turn it back on and let it boot. Once it's done with the boot process, you can do a re-install of the program. Make sure you have all the right information this time.

    Yep, I know this is long and drawn out, but if it works, it's well worth it.



    In case you don't want to venture down the CrapCleaner route, if you go to the Windows Explorer on your Task Bar and locate the drive you have the game installed on, if you click on that drive, it should open a window with that drive tree on it. At the top of that window are several tabs, "File", "Home", "Share", "View", and "Drive Tools". Clicking on the Drive Tools will open a ribbon for that which you can perform various tasks on your drive. The two icons you'll be most interested in are "Cleanup", and "Optimize".

    Run the Cleanup first. (Do this after you delete all folders/files for WoR.) Once that's done, run the Optimize. Again, after both of these processes run, turn your computer off. Kill the power. Let it rest for 5 or more minutes, then restart and let it do the boot process again.

    NOTE: Both of these could take a great deal of time depending on various circumstances .... size of your drive, speed of your system, time between running those programs, etc. So expect to spend some time here. Again, it's a long and drawn out process, but, if it gets you back with sound it's all well worth it.

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    A. P. Hill,
    I do not know how to find directories: old or new. How can I find directories??


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    A.P. Hill,
    I appreciate your help with my audio problem. Compared to years past, I do not see where WoR resides on my server. I do not know where to find that directory
    or any directory. How do I find the directory that needs to be deleted?
    Your Obedient Servant,


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    Greetings Mr. Holiday,

    I have had several thoughts come to mind on how best to assist you ...

    First to make sure that the instructions I provide can be followed by you, I need to know which operating system you have on your computer. Windows 7?, Windows 8?, or Windows 10? Then I need to know whether you have the "FAMILY" Edition or the "PRO" Edition.

    Secondly, I think the best solution for you at this time is to copy my information to paper, and take it and your computer to your local computer store service center, and have them perform the instructions. Oh and take all the correct information with you for properly logging back on.

    Seriously, why are you even on a computer if you don't understand / know / use the most basic of computer operations? This isn't meant to offend you in any way, I'm just wholly and completely dumbfounded at your statement(s) of not knowing the most simple of tasks.

    I also suggest that you take a few hours of beginners courses on computer use and operation from your local computer service center as well.

    But War of Rights resides in a folder called PROGRAM FILES (x86), when you open that folder, there will be a huge list of folders in the contents window on your C: Drive.
    Inside that folder, will be a sub folder called STEAM. clicking on that folder will open the contents window with a list folders steam uses to function. In that list should be a folder called STEAMAPPS. Clicking on that folder will list more folders, especially one called COMMON. Clicking on that folder will produce a list of all the games you have from your Steam Account. In that list you will find the War of Rights Folder.

    To do this properly however, you need to have Steam uninstall the program. (Done from Steam.) Once that's done, close the steam account window and get out of steam completely. Then using the above information, and your WINDOWS EXPLORER, (the yellow folder displayed in your task bar,) proceed to drill down as described. Once you find the War of Rights Folder in the COMMON folder in the STEAMAPPS folder, you can delete that folder by highlighting the War of Rights folder and hitting your delete button on your keyboard. Answer Yes to the dialog box asking if you really want to do that.

    At this point most of War of Rights will be removed from your computer.

    Now you must decide if you want to go with the CrapCleaner route I listed previously or whether you want to use the Windows built in tools to clean any remnants from your drive. But as I said, be warned, CC can be "deadly". Again, I recommend taking your computer to your local computer service center and having a competent technician perform these tasks for you.

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