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Thread: Sound Bug

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    After an update I lost all in game sound. I was able to continue playing the game because 6AL use Discord for our company tactical net.
    When a beta was announced, I copied all common files on my Windows PC and low, sound returned when I played on the copy, but not on the beta update.
    When another update was issued the copy was unable to detect servers and so I deleted it and copied the new update common files. Sound returned on the copy.
    This is my initial action for all updates (Alpha and Beta) and so far I can play with in game sound on copied files.
    Anyone have the same problem?
    Anyone have an idea as to why this works?

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    When plugging a USB headset AFTER game is started I get the music in ear but chat on my speakers. (USB is not listed on available outputs, just default). Plugging in the USB BEFORE game is started fixes the issue.

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