Hey thanks for the word big man!

OK if it's like you said, it's all kinda OK. I would still recommend to create a new category for posting on such information concerning the development process on long(er) terms and not trying to force these things into them field reports. Of course I can only speak for myself, but until now (for 3 years now) for me it was "here is the field report - the Update starts once you open Steam" Of course not every feature introduced in the report was instantly implemented but at least something was immediatly there for download. With this last field report I felt a bit irritated, as it first touched features not really necessary at the current status of the game and second even these things would not come around since a quite long time.

Please consider opening such a new category, where you could let us know about the "behind the scenes" in the development.

Alright, please don't think bad of me, I already got a bad reputation on my "meh post" above. Still love you and the game, so...

Cheers gentlemen!