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Thread: Simple yet vital suggestions

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    Simple yet vital suggestions

    Since now i can post my own threads i am making one myself. My ingame name is asdf. I am doing a list of suggestions since they improve the game quality in a long way. Since programing is more extensive than what initially meets the eye i am just listing the easy yet vital suggstions. This doesnt mean the better more juicy ones should be ignored. I doubt they will all be implemented but if the developers see a reocuring trend they might act on it. War of Rights is certainly a great game the only downside is they have a small part time dev team and Battlecry of Freedom will smoke them out of the water due to them having a bigger development team which is bad since that game is a watered down version of what we get over here.



    +++ Officers have the power to give to Seargent Majors the ability to draw lines on the ground. So 1 regiment can be split up in 2 or 3 smaller groups for easyer crowd control and greater tactical options.

    +++ The only relevant things the officers can do are drawing 2 types of lines. Theyr other orders do show up un the map aswell but they are not obvious enough. If they were made more obvious people would follow them easyer.

    +++ When the game starts make there a 3 minute (give or take) cooldown time before the game actually starts so officers can organise people together. This makes games easyer instead of trying to rush with organising in the game and waste prescious time only to be obliterated by the enemy because they happend to have a higher procentage of more experienced players or are in a regiment and working together more effectively and you cant do much about that because there was not enough time to rally up the greenhorns early on in battle due to a lack of cooldown timer.

    +++ Option of adding in a new skirmish line order for officers that would in a obvious way tell the regiment that the officer wants a loose skirmishing formation and that people should stay in the vicinity but not too close.

    +++ Changing the colour of artillery officers from infantry officers for clarification so you know who is who faster. Also adding in a informations window so you know howmany people are in a regiment so you know which one is bigger and which one is smaller at a quick glance. Not to mention so people know if we have a flag or weather they should spawn as one etc etc....

    +++ Most orders were dispatched writtenly. Since we alredy have the chat box option open the case is closed right? Wrong. Combat in reality would take much longer but becasue its a game its faster paced. So how about adding in a officer only voice chat, but to make it somewhat similar to the briefness of writtenly dispatched orders that every officer is limited so they can use the voicechat for a maximum ammount of 1 minute of time only 4 times in the entire game.


    +++ Full server queues so you dont have to click the mouse and manually refresh.

    +++ Option that you see if you were banned on any servers to keep your affairs nice and smooth so you dont have to worry about if you were accidentaly banned due to trolls stealing your names and trolling under them and also prevent trolls name stealing or imitating names.

    +++ Option of favouriting servers so you find them faster.

    +++ Admins have the ability of setting the larger maps on a single server (Harpers ferry, Antietam, South mountain) without restarting the server.

    +++ Drillcamp servers have no penality for rapid deaths or atleast have a option of setting that.

    +++ Improved admin tool for admins.


    +++ If you TK someone that they have a option to forgive your TK or no. (to combat trolling). If you TK the flag or officer this counts as 2 TKs. TKing can be avoided if you do it then leave the game and rejoin it. If that could be fixed aswell.

    +++TKing can be exploited. You can kill a infinite ammount of people if you TK 1 person every 3 minutes because from what looks like it the auto penality Tk counter resets. Fix that.

    +++ Some steam profiles are chronic trollers. How about making a ban counter so people who constantly troll get months long bans. The down vote system is a great addition but there are ways around it and i doubt random people will be organised enough to down vote 1 specific person who does it constantly yet tactfully enough to slip under the radar.


    +++ If you like to play as artilery. You need to make special ranging tables if you want to do impressive hard to hit shots. For that you need to know your bearing. How about adding a larger compass with more detailedy drawn degrees on it (they could go in 5 degree increments) so you can hit your shots better. The compass would only be allowed for artillery or something.

    +++ Stadiametric rangefinder to artilery crews or officers of infantry. Used before the civil war , during it and after it. Historically correct, because its very difficult to correctly estimate the range with artilery unless you go 100% pedantic and measure it out in testing. It wouldnt need to be 100% correct but to enable you to be around +- 20 yards correct or something.

    +++Artillery crew respawn timer increase. Artillery ingame can only practically be used against infantry formations. If you shoot at them accurately they have a tendency to move behind cover due to peer preasure from the infantry on the officers. How ever like in reality you can also do counterbattery fire like in reality. Ingame that is currently flawed since the blasting area of the shells is small and you cant knock out cannons. How about adding a 60 second timer instead of 20 for every artillery crewmemeber that dies to a artilery shoot. This would make counterbattery fire a viable thing because you can silence the enemy artilery unlinke now when there is 0 penalty for shell spamming. Also the artilery crew should have a longer respawn time overall if they are shot by infantry skirmishers. About 40 seconds would do. This would make rook for new artilery opertunities and realism at a very cheap fix.


    +++As said game is nice and all, however it could be even better if there was a simple map editor so you can change map borders, ticket numbers, time numbers, spawn locations and capzone location. That would add in way more replayability and new tactical opertunities aswell as peopel would love it. Not to mention the super large map on picket patrol or drillcamp server that would be perfect for such a change. If we want to perserve historical purity we just add in the name "fantasy land" to these maps and that admins can select these subjective player created maps while having them mixed with the regular map roster. This would ofcourse be different from private server to private server but would add in more reaplayability.

    +++ Adding in a fantasy land option gamemode, where you dont get historical accuracy combat options and spawn locations but as said before with the help of a sandbox map editor you modifiy the maps in the aspects we described before and tie them together so they are larger and connected (in other words make 1 big map out of 3 if they are nearby by changing map borders) and have dynamic capzone locations. For example, maryalnd heights is tied in with river crossing wich is tied in with shenandoah street all on one big map with multiple capture zones, or a dynamic capzone. It would be easy to implement because if you were to give players the tools they would create the effort themselves. This would add in replayability at a cheap price.

    +++ The previously mentioned options "fantasy land" would tie in nicely with a few simple gamemodes such as attack/defense(one side just attacks or just defends), teritory control (where you esentialy have multiple capture zones and dinamic spawn locations if you capture or loose them) and so forth....... All this is not that difficult to implement but elevates the game much higher.

    +++ Finishing grand campaign....


    +++ Changing the flag spawn rates for the regiment because they should be more dynamic. As in if you are moving despite being in formation spawn rates should be slower, if you are a smaler regiemnt they should be faster, if you are a larger regiment slightly slower etc etcc. Also consider adding in wave raspawns where people repawn in in a wave of 2 to 4 tied it with the modifications of previously mentioned changes in the same paragraph.

    +++ Officers get to reload their revolvers but it can take up to 3 minutes or something along those lines.

    +++Flag bearers get to have primitive mele mechanics and can drop their flags.

    +++Mele mechanics could be improved by adding in simple blocking against a hit mechanics, and countering a block etc etc...

    +++Musicians added in maybe, horset etc etc..... (if the previously mentioned topics would be added in except the horses and musicians the game would be improved severely alerady)

    +++ Flags should spawn slower if they are within a 40 yard radius of the other flag becasue this would simulate dissorganisation if regiments get mixed up.

    +++ If a officer gets killed everybdoy within a 30 yard radius should get a temporary stamina decrease untill he is back or something along those lines.

    +++ If a flag bearer is killed the same thing should apply. A 20 second stamina decrease to simulate lowered morale or something along those lines.

    +++Flags should also be important in charges where they act as a very slight stamina increaser.


    +++ View distance increase, sphagetti code decrease, removal of bugs, randome crashes (this is a generic reply, but its not really that necesarry because the game isnt in a bad state by any means interms of performance at the moment, but it would be a nice addition)

    +++ The game would need to be advertised inorder to become more popular. With the additon of more meat on the bones (updates) a simple much more cost effective solution would be giving it to medium sized youtubers from 10k subscribers to 500k because they arent as expensive infact they mostly do it for free. But that would need to be done after the game recieves significant improvements or it would be a flop.

    Overall i expect the suggestions from the community to be ignored or implemented to late and the game to be a flop interms of the amount of money it could potentially recieve but nevertheless we did try didnt we. May the person who expands the most ammount of effort win. After all its only fair.

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    LOOT Command to recover ammo from dead enemy soldiers.

    SCAVENGE Command to recover ammo from friendly dead soldiers.

    Or a single command for 'ammo retrievaL'
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    i agree also to move toward more accurate order of lines and tactics

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    HUGE MONTH LONG RIVERBOAT CAMPAIGN: You don't have a river, a lake, Engineers to build forts and bridges, Observation Balloons - or an Ironclad. You need wood cutter function to collect logs for field battlements and docks. This is still 1862-63, the early years. You need the ability to ship large guns to shore using man-made cranes and floating docks. Maybe require 20 minutes of gameplay to build a temporary port for supplies by sea. Designate 'working parties' in five minute shifts, rotate the entire battalion to 'working party' ten at a time. That gives enemy a target to destroy [or seize] and unarmed men to slaughter for the cause. You have to guard them while they build or they all die like rats in a bathtub. When you invade a district you must supply and fortify because the enemy comes back.

    This is only the beginning. This War Simulation is a bud - not a flower. And ammo for cannon, howizer and rifles need to be hauled forward to the battlements the engineers built. The developers can create huge maps veined with riverboats and canals. A fantasy War of Rights involving Invasion by Sea and building ship facilities at these forward outposts - while under constant threat of attack. Build riverboats at forward river bases to continue your advance. And boats can be hijacked or burned.

    A LOOT Command to take supplies and ammo from enemy and the dead. You use these supplies to build your own battlements and docks. The War event can be continuous, 24 hours a day for a month or more. The maps would be 10x larger than they are now. Permanent Spawns are to be built by Engineers, stocked with ammo and supplies with guards and patrols. There would be a realm [of color-coded influence] for each force that billows outward from their location on the map.

    You can win the game quickly by deploying many smaller units into enemy territory. One side tries to turn the map Blue and the other Grey. And permanent spawns, forts and harbors built would show a larger region under your control. The goal is to lace them all together [color-coded] as a map control formula. The enemy must take your fort, dock, town or harbor to change the color of that region.

    The woodchopper command to clear an area is needed - for lanes of fire, docks, supply wagon, ship building, battlements or march.. The command map shows where attacks are taking place, pre-built spawns available - and reported position of enemy by scouts. You must occupy the HQ of a color-coded region for 24 hours for it to change colors. Also the option to be a SCOUT and detach yourself, recon alone, travel the map and reporting back to your Officer. And every riverboat is a spawn. Every dock you can build in 20 minutes also becomes a spawn. Have 'Supply Wagon Driver' option with a wagon and horses to shift supplies throughout the combat zones. Wagons of supply can be seized or burned.

    Whoever takes 75% of the map wins.

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    Actually, No they don't need anything you mention.

    This is solely about the 1862 Antietam Campaign. None of the stuff you mention was involved therefore a waste of time by the developers.

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    R0NH20 i am sorry but the game will probably permanently be only about the 1862 campaign so what you said wont be implemented. But it would be interesting though.

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    Perhaps the Fantasy Riverbed Campaign, based upon real history, would make a great way for Officers and NCOs to learn how to attack and defend. Think of it as War College and Infantry Training School. All of it is based upon MAP control and use of WATERWAYS to transport heavy supplies and weapons into the South, To restrict Rebel use of the river to continue the war effort. The BLUE is here to erase the GREY - and hang anyone who owns a slave and a whip.

    Union Forever !!

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    And if a dev remembers the idea and one day decides to create a 'River Wars' Edition, remember me.

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