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Thread: A new Regiment name system similar to "Clans" in other games

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    A new Regiment name system similar to "Clans" in other games

    I would like to suggest that War of Rights adds a regiment name system to the game. You already have a 'change in game name or use steam name' section so I don't imagine it would be too difficult to add a little addition. Basically the issue right now is when people make regiments they have to add that onto their actual usernames.... and when that is done some users have to sacrifice their usernames because they are too long. I propose that WOR fixes it so that players don't need to do that with a regiment name section. Similar to many other games with clans and such.

    20210823141713_1.jpg I made up an example (won't let me add numbers for some reason)

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    Thanx for the suggestion! It's a nice idea but I doubt dev's do care about the issue too much, atm. Maybe we could at least return to the higher account of letters we had prior to the last update. Anyway thanx for addressing this!

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    Most certainly. Names are very important to people. They're a big part of their identity and what they love. I know my steam name is very important to me as a big Star Wars fan. I don't want to lose my steam name and what it means to me just to be in a Reg. My brother's name is a huge part of who he is in the community and he's pretty famous. He can't lose his name or he'd lose what he built up. I hope that the devs take it into consideration at least.

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