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Thread: 1840 Musician's Sword

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    1840 Musician's Sword

    For some reason, Musicians are not armed in-game as of update 175.

    Musicians in the civil war rarely had to use them, but the 1840 Musician sword was issued to all musicians that saw frontline service (Buglers, drummers, and other regiment specific instruments on rare occasions). The 1840 Musician sword is very similar to the NCO Sword, but usually slightly shorter and with a slightly different handle. Arming musicians would make them able to actually defend themselves in a charge for example. Noting that there is actually quite a bit of evidence to suggest that musicians were usually armed on the battlefield, I suggest that the sword should be added eventually and be given to Buglers and Drummers (But not Fifers, because they can't spawn in a skirmish). You could temporarily give them NCO swords (Noting they're very similar).
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    The sword was originally intended to be ceremonial in purpose, being worn by the musicians during drill and formations.

    It could be used in a fight, but only as a weapon of last resort.

    Standard features include an all brass handle, grip gives the appearance of wire wrap but is integral with the handle, there is no guard, hilt is single branch. Scabbard for Ames is usually leather with brass mountings, however many were replaced with more durable iron scabbards in the field.

    It is similar to the M1840 NCO sword except that it is a little shorter and lacks the ricasso on its hilt. Comes with a black leather scabbard with brass tip and throat piece, which has a hook for the belt frog. Overall length is 32 1/2″, and Blade length is 26 1/2″. Requires an Enfield Frogg (BAY-007 or BAY-008) or Musician’s Baldric (LEATH-21) for wear.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Neoba55 View Post
    Noting that there is actually quite a bit of evidence to suggest that musicians were usually armed on the battlefield
    I'd like to know more about your sources.

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    I think that maybe it would more interesting to give some buffs to using the musicians, maybe less moral loss, increase acuracy of the weapons, faster reload, etc.

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    I don't agree with any sort of buffs for special roles, just like I think the color bearers should not be the absolute focal point of spawning and a formation itself should somehow replace it in time. When you start adding buffs you make them an unrealistic target. Nobody should be singling out musicians because they're steadying everyone's aim or something. The musicians were supposed to be noncombatants.

    Color bearers should be front and center to be shown off proudly not hidden out of sight all the time. Yes they were a good target in the real war but they're a critical asset in WoR and only fools would put them front and center. Spawn points and respawning are overwhelmingly critical points for gameplay. The flag's role as a focal point of the unit to move with is neglected.
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