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Thread: Hire a musician for recording the Bugle calls.

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    Hire a musician for recording the Bugle calls.

    Firstly I'd like to say that I love the fact we have musicians in the game now. However,

    I do hope that the current bugle calls are placeholder, because pretty much all of them are played either wrong or poorly.
    When I say wrong mean that what is played in game does not match up with the sheet music we find in Casey's first volume.

    When I mean poorly I mean you can hear whoever played it is not experienced with playing horn.
    Pretty much everyone in the community used RJ Samp's collection of Bugle calls and those are, when it comes to accuracy, miles better. SCROLL DOWN TO IGC and ISC (General Calls and Skirmisher Calls).

    So perhaps you could ask him or someone like him to record for the game!

    (Also, there are certainly some that could be left out and others that would make more sense to have. 'To the color', if I read Caseys (Volume II or III I think) right, is the default tune in reassembling a battalion on the colors. The Assembly is for assembling by company, which could also be useful after charges.)

    PS. Thanks for listening to my suggestions on artillery!
    4th New Jersey Volunteer.

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    I agree. the bugles don't sound natural at all, and even worse, you can only play at the quick time, making playing "Charge" and especially "Retreat" very difficult to play without getting killed.
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    Frankly, I had, in the past, a long long time ago - lol - played a bugle in summer camp...

    I was in the school marching band until I graduated high school {secondary school}. And, later, I did volunteer a few times for marching band after I joined the military.

    At the first hearing of the WoR bugle sound, to me, it was somewhat revolting - I would be terribly embarrassed to play so horribly in public!

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    And have a text translation in the chat box for each bugle call so people can memorize them. Like 'Retreat' and 'Reform' and 'Charge.' And limit meaningless bugling entirely. That is not how it was. Every bugle call is a direct order. The Officer has Bugler next to him and tells him to 'Sound The Charge' etc.
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