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Thread: 5th Ohio "Cornfieldkillers" & 1st Ohio Battery GERMAN

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    5th Ohio "Cornfieldkillers" & 1st Ohio Battery GERMAN

    We, the 5th Ohio "Cornfieldkillers" , are a german unit. In the past we were very focused on skirmishing and earned a reputation for furious and effective charges.
    With growing numbers we also started to incorporate lineinfantry into our gameplay. The latest addition to the unit is our artillery-battery.

    In early fall 2021, together with the 22ndVA and the 20thNY, we founded the "GERMAN CORPS".

    Commanding Officers:
    [Lieutenant Colonel] Frederik Harson:
    [Captain] Flihei:

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    Viel Glück Ohio Boys

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    Viel Glück und weiter so.
    Ein Huzzah auf euch.

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