Join Knights III Corp, a semi serious mil-sim community. We offer line infantry, skirmishers, dismounted cavalry, and artillery opportunities.
Requirements to join:
Must be at least 15 or older.
Have discord or be able to install discord.
Must adhere to Corp/Division/Regiment rules.
Uphold the standard the Corp requires.

Steps to join:
Join the discord.
Volunteer role
Meet with a recruiter.
Decide/be assigned to a regiment.
We are a NA/EU/Australian friendly Corp! All are welcome!

Knights III Corp is derived of the Following Divisions:

Jacksons Division - Commanded by: Brigadier General Dark Knight
Hethís Division- Commanded by: Brigadier General Navhopz
Penderís Division - Commanded by: Brigadier General Blazzin

Our current schedule:
Mondays: Open
Tuesdays: Corp Drill
Wednesdays: War of Succession event starts at 8PM EST
Thursdays: Open for Division Drills 8PM EST
Fridays: Open (optional pub matches)
Fridays: UEC Event starts 3PM EST
Saturdays: Grand Campaign/UEC Events: Starts at 3PM EST.
Saturdays: War of Succession event starts at 9PM EST.
Sundays: Hardtack and Gunpowder event start at 8PM EST.