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Thread: With the addition of more players on a server, we need more regiments per side

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    With the addition of more players on a server, we need more regiments per side

    2 Regiments with 1 officer and 4 NCOs each is not enough for 150-200 players on a team for both regimental and public play. To improve gameplay, coordination, and enjoyment for both teams, adding 2 more regiments to each side would greatly help both sides. Essentially having a brigade on each side which makes a lot sense given that most of the scenarios present in the game show off brigade level combat. Not only that but many units in the game are not playable outside of drill camp, adding 2 more units to each side would bring a lot of unused and unseen regiments into the active part of the game.

    Along with adding more regiments, having a brigade on a side can open up having a spot for the brigade commander for a single person to take control and command the entire brigade on the field

    If you are worried about players spreading themselves out to thin with 4 regiments in small numbers, you can lock the number of regiments playable to a corresponding number of players currently on the team. Depending on which regiment will be locked or not at the start depends on what regiments the players choose to play as. For an example:

    Per team:
    25 players: 1 regiment
    50 players: 2 regiments
    100 players: 3 regiments
    150 players: 4 regiments

    For an example of a scenario:

    Miller's Cornfield

    1st Texas
    4th Texas
    Hampton Legion
    18th Georgia

    2nd Wisconsin
    6th Wisconsin
    7th Wisconsin
    14th Brooklyn
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    This is a great idea!

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    Thanks for the suggestions/feedback.

    We agree that the various limits designed for a max of 150 players should be tweaked when/if 300 (or even 400) player servers become the norm.

    We've posted a few of our thoughts regarding some of this here:

    - Trusty

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    You don't need a stand of colors and a new regiment for every twenty five players.

    You just need 'class limits' that more appropriately scale with the number of players. Two Officers (excluding artillery) for 200 players is nuts obviously. The NCO count has always been too low. I understand not being eager to see this increased seeing as how rank is just a random assortment of players anyway. It would be much better if those ranks actually meant something in the first place, that people with rank had followers and could delegate authority from there instead of the rank structure being an empty shell to make it easier for existing organizations to flourish in closed servers.

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    This is a bad idea
    1: 25 men isnt a regiment or company
    2: Smaller groups is anything but a good thing
    3: You'll have way too many chefs for one metaphorical kitchen
    i can go on, but this is dumb
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    I think instead of adding more regiments to the already condensed maps, perhaps expand the existing regiments. It would be interesting to see a feature in WoR that BCoF is implementing which is a company system within each regiment. I think a system like this would allow players to maneuver more freely however, still be required to work and operate within closer proximity of each other and would increase the importance of NCOs.

    The regimental structure could be the following.

    Regimental Level
    1x Regiment Commander (Major - Colonel)
    2x Flag bearers (Regimental & National)
    1x Regimental NCO (Sergeant Major)

    1st Company
    1x Officer (Lieutenant - Captain)
    1x Senior NCO (Sergeant - 1st Sergeant)
    4x Junior NCO (Corporals)
    40x Privates

    2d Company
    1x Officer (Lieutenant - Captain)
    1x Senior NCO (Sergeant - 1st Sergeant)
    4x Junior NCO (Corporals)
    40x Privates

    The junior officers must work under the direction of the leading officer to maneuver etc. Of course people will do there own thing but this is an idea.

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    I take the map illustrations of the blue or red "formation bars" as the future planning for a "left, right, center" sort of convention where three groups of them are drawn onto them that show the respective spawn locations.
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