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Thread: SV - Shenandoah "Chosen Men" Artillery-Sharpshooters

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    SV - Shenandoah "Chosen Men" Artillery-Sharpshooters

    EDIT - 30May2023-

    3rd Arkansas
    3rd Kentucky
    7th Michigan
    11th Michigan
    15th Alabama
    Artillery {Unit Identification to be determined}

    Ladies & Gentlemen,
    We are seeking the few good men!

    Join Poague's Battery & Shenandoah Valley "Chosen Men" Sharpsshooters if you believe that you can help the Cause!
    Our four guns we have named: Mathew Mark Luke & John

    ~ Commanding Officer, Virginia Rockbridge Artillery, Company A

    Anyone, whether or not new to WoR game may enter our discord voice channel, "Meeting Place," and say "hi"

    There are few records of CSA sharpshoooter companies. It appears they were sometmes formed from among from other units before a battle.
    In addition to being Poaugue's Battery, we also assume the role of one of those ad hoc formations.

    And, we all train for everything - at least to a basic level. Then as avanced as possible in your chosen specialization.

    We'll add other units such as cavalry and infantry as we grow.

    What does it take to be "chosen?"
    Primarilly, being a conscientious individual, and desiring to attain to the highest level of play.

    [EU NA AUS]

    Events are mainly on weekends: Friday thru Sunday.

    SV is "Shenandoah Valley Army Department's Chosen Men"
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    We're now mustering a unit of Virginia Cavalry;
    details on discord:

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    3rd Arkansas Co. H has formed NA-EU-AUS

    3d Arkansas Co. H has formed!

    Come and say "hello" / "hallo"

    We are fun and casual yet serious and professional -
    Veteran & Family Friendly.

    Click Here
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    Shenandoah Regulars

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    Shenandoah Regulars

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