Feel free to join and contribute to the discussions, access tech support and find folks to enjoy the game with. The developers are active and regularly participate with the conversation, just be sure to follow with the server rules.

1. The golden rule. Treat others as you wish to be treated. If you want to stir up problems, attack others, or create a negative environment, go somewhere else.
2. Do not spam. This includes pings, repeated messages, and repeated characters.
3. Do not ping the developers. They are busy creating the game and keep an eye on the chat. If you need help, take a look at #help-desk.
4. Regimental drama, including attacks on other communities, are covered by rule 1 and are therefore not allowed.
5. NSFW Content is strictly prohibited.
6. All regimental recruitment is to be kept to #union-recruitment and #confederate-recruitment, one post every 6 hours per organization (the highest level).
7. Keep discussions on topic in each channel. #general for War of Rights, #other-games for others.
--> https://discord.gg/warofrights