So Ive posted this in several places... I have finally been directed here as everywhere Ive posted this people have liked the idea. Ive Slowly made my way here via directions from people across discord; So I really hope im finally in the right place.

so a couple of suggestions... Firstly, When its snowing please change the Point display color to like gold or something. Just a different color than white? impossible to see point at all when it is snowing.

Second suggestion: Up the bodies displayed setting to 200-250? Love the blood and gore of this game.... nothing like charging a position on bloody lane and seeing the bodies leaned up against the fence. Almost looks like a black and white pic from the actual bloody lane. To accommodate the increase in server population maybe increase the amount of bodies that can be displayed as well?

Lastly, id implement a "military honor" system like World of Tanks Blitz has(for example at least... ive seen it implemented effectively in a few different games). At the end of every match it gives you a chance to give a "downvote" or an "upvote" to one of the players that participated in the match. If so many down votes are accrued over a period of time you lose a star. there's a total of 5 stars on military honor scale, and it can either increase for "upvotes" or decrease for "downvotes". IF a player has 5 stars you know that they regularly get an upvote... if its 3 or lower you know that they regularly get downvoted and Admins/mods do look into them
Each Star on the honor system gives you additional downvotes and upvotes to distribute amongst your own team but also the adversary team(i know this is a fairly large undertaking with what? 300-400 people? so all you'd do is increase how many up/down votes each person has. Most people in the game, even in pubs are going to interact regularly with maybe 20-30 people? so make the up/down vote count a fraction of that? At 3 stars you get 5, at 4 stars you get 10, and at 5 you get 12-15 votes you can distribute between your own team or the enemy?).
After the loss of a full star of "military honor" it notifies the admins/mods so they can look into why a player has lost a full star. If it is something worth delivering a consequence for, a consequence is issued.
That way trolls cant abuse it as much and personally I think it fits the time period of "gentleman's" warfare... honor was a huge thing still.
Furthermore,it would give prospecting regiments a pub record that can be viewed.... the guy has a pub military honor rating of 1/2 a star and has been kicked from every official WoR server there is... we dont want him in our reg. or vice versa: the guy has 4+ stars... he's a good pub player lets bring him up in our regiment.