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Thread: A few suggestions for the Devs

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    Lightbulb A few suggestions for the Devs

    So Ive posted this in several places... I have finally been directed here as everywhere Ive posted this people have liked the idea. Ive Slowly made my way here via directions from people across discord; So I really hope im finally in the right place.

    so a couple of suggestions... Firstly, When its snowing please change the Point display color to like gold or something. Just a different color than white? impossible to see point at all when it is snowing.

    Second suggestion: Up the bodies displayed setting to 200-250? Love the blood and gore of this game.... nothing like charging a position on bloody lane and seeing the bodies leaned up against the fence. Almost looks like a black and white pic from the actual bloody lane. To accommodate the increase in server population maybe increase the amount of bodies that can be displayed as well?

    Lastly, id implement a "military honor" system like World of Tanks Blitz has(for example at least... ive seen it implemented effectively in a few different games). At the end of every match it gives you a chance to give a "downvote" or an "upvote" to one of the players that participated in the match. If so many down votes are accrued over a period of time you lose a star. there's a total of 5 stars on military honor scale, and it can either increase for "upvotes" or decrease for "downvotes". IF a player has 5 stars you know that they regularly get an upvote... if its 3 or lower you know that they regularly get downvoted and Admins/mods do look into them
    Each Star on the honor system gives you additional downvotes and upvotes to distribute amongst your own team but also the adversary team(i know this is a fairly large undertaking with what? 300-400 people? so all you'd do is increase how many up/down votes each person has. Most people in the game, even in pubs are going to interact regularly with maybe 20-30 people? so make the up/down vote count a fraction of that? At 3 stars you get 5, at 4 stars you get 10, and at 5 you get 12-15 votes you can distribute between your own team or the enemy?).
    After the loss of a full star of "military honor" it notifies the admins/mods so they can look into why a player has lost a full star. If it is something worth delivering a consequence for, a consequence is issued.
    That way trolls cant abuse it as much and personally I think it fits the time period of "gentleman's" warfare... honor was a huge thing still.
    Furthermore,it would give prospecting regiments a pub record that can be viewed.... the guy has a pub military honor rating of 1/2 a star and has been kicked from every official WoR server there is... we dont want him in our reg. or vice versa: the guy has 4+ stars... he's a good pub player lets bring him up in our regiment.
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    They don't even have a river, a lake, Engineers to build forts and bridges, Observation Balloons - or an Ironclad. You need wood cutter function to collect logs for field battlements and docks. This is still 1862-63. You need the ability to ship large guns to shore using man-made cranes and floating docks. Maybe require 20 minutes of gameplay to build a temporary port for supplies by sea. Designate 'working parties' in five minute shifts, rotate the entire battalion to 'working party' ten at a time. That gives enemy a target to destroy [or seize] and unarmed men to slaughter for the cause. You have to guard them while they build or they all die like rats in a bathtub. When you invade a district you must supply and fortify because the enemy comes back.

    This is only the beginning. This War Simulation is a bud - not a flower. And ammo for cannon, howizer and rifles need to be hauled forward to the battlements the engineers built. The developers can create huge maps veined with riverboats and canals. A fantasy War of Rights involving Invasion by Sea and building ship facilities at these forward outposts - while under constant threat of attack. Build riverboats at forward river bases to continue your advance. And boats can be hijacked or burned.

    A LOOT Command to take supplies and ammo from enemy and the dead. You use these supplies to build your own battlements and docks. The War event can be continuous, 24 hours a day for a month or more. The maps would be 10x larger than they are now. Permanent Spawns are to be built by Engineers, stocked with ammo and supplies with guards and patrols. There would be a realm [of color-coded influence] for each force that billows outward from their location on the map.

    You can win the game quickly by deploying many smaller units into enemy territory. One side tries to turn the map Blue and the other Grey. And permanent spawns, forts and harbors built would show a larger region under your control. The goal is to lace them all together [color-coded] as a map control formula. The enemy must take your fort, dock, town or harbor to change the color of that region.

    The woodchopper command to clear an area is needed too - for lanes of fire, docks, supply wagon, ship building, battlements or march.. The command map shows where attacks are taking place, pre-built spawns available - and reported position of enemy by scouts. You must occupy the HQ of a color-coded region for 24 hours for it to change colors.

    Also the option to be a SCOUT and detach yourself, recon alone, travel the map and reporting back to your Officer. And every riverboat is a spawn. Every dock you can build in 20 minutes also becomes a spawn. Have 'Supply Wagon Driver' option with a wagon and horses to shift supplies throughout the combat zones. Wagons of supply can be seized or burned.

    Whoever takes 75% of the map wins.
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    A future add on, almost another game in itself as it could be based in any of the theatres and is probably not beyond the capabilities of the developers. How about co-op naval games based on the river ironclad squadrons. You could have crew in the way of a pilot, engineers, stokers, sailors and a captain, who working together can crew and control a river ironclad. Then you have the gunners to operate the cannons.

    You could also have Marine detachments as well as regular infantry on board. These could act as boarding parties and also fight on land against enemy regiments, this would really take the game to the next level. Not to mention this would be a first because civil war navy has not been done as a first person before to my knowledge. If there had to be another crowd funder set up to get this in to development I for one would be happy to buy in to it. I would be really interested to hear what others think.

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    Here are some ideas:

    * Crawling: laying low on the ground with binoculars, maybe even shooting. (but not reloading) slow movement.

    * Officer: the ability to reprimand someone. (works as a strike when teamkilling, but limited)

    * musician: predetermined messages signal (shown in text to same unit) (maybe even signal troops with small flags)

    * Ability to drop a flag. (when being the only one "out of line" or under attack (last stand/no reinforcement) pressing "f" should drop the flag so the rifle can be used)

    *arty: messages to indicate that cannon has been loaded (or ready) or when trying to insert the wrong type. ability to drop cases (ammo) if cannon need spunging, or you need to be running. (maybe a true history mode when one has to use the "thumb" when loading).

    on the end map. display number of shots fired (or targets) maybe death. maybe show where you killed someone. (debated I know) but show arty hits in different colors.
    Have badges. like survivor (if you last a whole round without being shot as infantry) medal of honour. (I do not know, do something great, taking a point a number of times)

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    Hey Mike!

    Not a bad list.

    I would like to comment on a couple of your points.

    No. 4 Ability to drop a flag.
    To the era when the protecting of one's colors was considered most honorable endeavor, if found alone, the color bearer should make every effort to keep the colors from the enemies hands. So running for one's life would be the honorable thing to do till the color bearer gets shot in the back while running away. (EEK!) There really is at this time no way to surrender to the enemy if one finds himself surrounded.

    No 5 Arty:

    A: The option to display a message that a piece is loaded is a good idea, during the war, the No. 1 man was instructed to place his Rammer/Sponge staff in a vertical position on the nose of the muzzle where it could be seen by the sgt of the piece and the gunner, as well as all the other crews. However, in game, with players running all over the place, this would seem difficult to provide. Imagine seeing an upright Rammer/Sponge Staff balancing on the gun muzzle with no one to hold it!

    B: Message to indicate wrong Ammunition:
    I believe the abilltiy to insert the wrong ammunition into an unreceptive piece is already in place, in that it cannot be done, it's just that there is no HUD indicating that attempt. You just cannot load the piece, and you're left to figure it out on your own. Interestingly, if the player is aware of the piece he is serving, all he had to do is go find a limber ammo chest with the description painted on the box for the proper ammunition.

    C: Ability to drop cases (ammo) if cannon need spunging:
    This ability is already in game, except you have to return to the proper limber ammo chest and return the round to the chest, before you can return to the piece to sponge it. "Dropping" ammo is a bad thing in that the player will never be able to retrieve the round once dropped.

    D: Thumbing the Vent:
    Has been discussed in many threads in various media locations.

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    I'm new around here, just picked up the game last Friday.

    Couple of thoughts, first off BRAVO! to a wonderful game!
    Would LOVE to see Gettysburg maps... but I'm sure I'm not the first one to say that.

    Also, would be nice to see the number of casualties for either side.

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    Welcome Gator.

    First, Gettysburg is over done, we need some of the "lesser" battles.

    Also, at the end of each round there is a stat display.

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    Officer: can field commission a private to nco (if there are available slots).

    Stamina: some way to restore stamina faster. (in the war they had "cantine with water" runners) maybe musicians can restore health/stamina by pressing "f". (like a medics function but not completely)

    Flag: Enable to catch opponents' flags to get points. (or reduce own tickets) (like 20-30 seconds to "steal" their dropped flag or bring it to home base). flag then spawns on the enemy base. i think stealing flags is historically correct. (lets say capture the other team's colors)

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