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    European Event II Corps

    The 2nd Corps being one of the oldest community and having participated in many events has decided to recreate an event, which we hope will live up to the expectations of this game.
    it is for this reason that the 2nd Corps Stonewall Jackson is pleased to announce the creation of its European event which will take place every Sunday evening at times that will be convenient. This event aims to bring together a maximum of communities and entities belonging to the large War of Rights community in a large-scale event. This unifying event aims not only to attract European units but also to invite our North American friends to come and share good moments in game with us and build this event. We were inspired by the game system in which we participated and we offer you this event which includes some new features.
    Registration will be done on the war of rights forum or on the event discord. We leave everyone free to choose their mode of communication to register in order to be able to participate in the event.
    UEC Sunday Event Rules
    Please forgive any linguistic errors.

    Time :
    09:00 pm UTC+1 (Central European Time Ė ex : Madrid, Paris, Berlin, Rome, Warsaw)

    Registration :
    They take place on the Eventís Discord server -link yet to come-.
    Minimum 2 hours before the event, any late registration may be rejected.
    An infantry unit must be made of at least 8 men.
    A skirmishing unit must be made of at least 4 men.
    An artillery piece must be made of at least 3 men.

    General Rules :

    Any form of toxicity, racism or discrimination made out of roleplay may result in a ban for the player, and for the regiment if a recurrence in its ranks is observed.
    No Rambo-ing, isolated movements are allowed only to join an existing entity without firing.
    Scouting has to be made by at least 2 men, messengers can be alone.
    Teamspeak communications are allowed without restrictions, excepted spying, flaming and cheating. Building usage is allowed, but an administrator refereeing may order an exit if it damages the gamesí quality. The referee is entrusted to keep in mind that it is authorized but also that he has to guarantee a fun and balanced game.Dead soldiers may respawn as they deem fit, but must join a unit as soon as possible without firing a single shot alone (cf. Rambo-ing).

    Organization :

    The eventís organization and balance are always entrusted to the CSA 2nd Corps, which may use any tool it deems useful in supporting this task.
    An invited unit roleplay side (USA or CSA) may be taken into utmost consideration in game balance. The in-game refereeing is done by one of the serverís admins, also, as we want to include other regiments, this task can be entrusted to non-2nd Corps administrators.

    In this case, the game would take place on the server of this administratorís entity. Therefore, any invited entity that would want to take part in refereeing must be ready to host the game on its server.
    In this perspective and in accordance with the entities involved, a planned refereeing rotation between entities may be established.

    Game perspectives :

    A Civil-War nation-wide strategic map may be established (probably through Tabletop),
    so each game has an impact on the unfolding of the campaign.
    A game takes place each Sunday for 2 rounds.
    In accordance with the wider campaign proceedings, if these two rounds result in a draw, the two maps will be
    played on again the following week.
    In order to establish a friendly and motivating competition, a unit ranking may be established.

    For any information or request to join the participation in the event, we leave you the discord link:

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