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    North & South - Wednesday & Saturday Night Events

    North & South
    Hosted by 4th New Jersey

    Join our Discord!


    As of January 2022, North & South is under new management. Come check us out on our Discord and schedule some time to speak with a coordinator if you would like your unit to participate in any of our events!

    Wednesday Event Details
    Next Event: April 13, 2022 - 8:00pm EST
    Server Name: North & South - Wednesday Night Event
    Current Map Set: Antietam - Skirmish

    Saturday Event Details
    Next Event: April 9, 2022 - 9:00pm EST
    Server Name: North & South - Saturday Night Event
    Current Map Set: Antietam - Conquest

    Rules & Guidelines

    - Buildings may NOT be garrisoned.

    - Ramboing is absolutely unacceptable.

    - No intentional teamkilling of any kind. This includes before the event begins, on the muster round.

    - All skirmish rounds go live at the 42 minute mark. You may not leave your spawning area until this time.

    - An NCO or officer from your unit MUST attend coordination if you want to participate in an event. Coordination happens 60 minutes prior to event start.

    - All participating members of your unit must have their tags on to be easily identified. Those without unit tags will be kicked before map reset as a warning.

    - Communicating battle info through the in-game chat is not allowed, likewise regiments should not be in communication with each other outside of the game. All units are required to utilize runners or messengers to send intel or coordinate between one another.

    - One or two men can be sent as scouts. They are not to behave as active combatants, but can defend themselves if escape is not an option. Skirmishers may be detached from your main line, ranging from 4-10 men.

    - North & South is not an open forum for personal or inter-unit disputes, and has a zero tolerance policy to bringing any associated drama into the event. Any issues that occur during the event will be discussed at the debrief and handled like adults.

    Participating Units
    The follow units are active contributors of North & South, and attend either one or both days.

    4th New Jersey
    Iron Brigade (14th Brooklyn & 8th Connecticut)
    65th Illinois
    Pennsylvania Army (69th, 72nd, 106th, 116th PA)
    1st Massachusetts Sharpshooters
    71st Pennsylvania
    10th United States Infantry
    2nd Maryland

    Toombs Brigade (20thGA, 7thSC, & Kings Battery)
    Diamondback Brigade (1stTN, 20thNC, 5thKY, 1stLA)
    Archers Brigade
    4th Alabama Cavalry

    If your unit is interested in participating in any North & South Events, please join our Discord and schedule some time to talk with a coordinator.
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