A few days ago, a suggestion came up in a discussion with regard to improving the utility of musicians in combat:

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Clanner RP aside, they should definitely have a use. The general ideas floated around are stat bonuses of some kind, or a boost to local morale. It might be helpful to add a chat indicator saying which call is what, much like an officer has chat indicators for forming columns and the like. It'd definitely help people learn which call means what.
That would be elegant, I suppose. Frequently asked bonuses for buglers like in other games should be out of the question here as I understand the way of WoR. But the command interface for officers has already been implemented and is used regularly especially in the public rounds. If a similar system could be established for buglers, then their usefulness would be multiplied in one stroke. This would then also apply equally to both public and organized events. And especially on the new large maps of the conquest mode, communication over long distances becomes more and more important. And historically, wasn't that exactly the role for buglers in combat, to communicate over distances and the noice of battle? It would be great if you have a look into this issue, thank you.

The original discussion can be found here.