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Thread: Pleasonton's Cavalry Division

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    Pleasonton's Cavalry Division


    Pleasontonís Cavalry Division is an association of Union cavalry regiments dedicated to providing a well-organized community which offers its members with a fun and immersive experience as to what the role of a cavalryman was like during the American Civil War. The Division prides itself on its historical accuracy which is represented with both it's drill and the regiments found within it's ranks. Pleasonton's Cavalry Division is only accepting regiments that were historically a part of it during the perilous days of the Maryland Campaign.


    Early in the war, most cavalry regiments were dispersed to be under the command of infantry formations, such as divisions or corps where their abilities were often wasted by being used merely as pickets, outposts, orderlies, guards for senior officers, and messengers. At the outbreak of the war knowing the vital role they would have; the Confederates were the first to consolidate their cavalry forces into a single division within the Army of Northern Virginia under the command of J.E.B. Stuart. While initially reluctant to form a large cavalry force, on September 2nd, 1862, Brigadier General Alfred Pleasonton was given command of all cavalry forces within the Army of the Potomac which he would organize into a single division for service during the Maryland Campaign.

    A next to a unit means they are members of the Division.

    1st Brigade, Major Charles J. Whiting
    5th United States Cavalry
    6th United States Cavalry

    2nd Brigade, Colonel John F. Farnsworth
    8th Illinois Cavalry
    3rd Indiana Cavalry
    1st Massachusetts Cavalry
    8th Pennsylvania Cavalry
    3rd Brigade, Colonel James H. Childs
    4th Pennsylvania Cavalry
    6th Pennsylvania Cavalry

    4th Brigade, Colonel Andrew T. McReynolds
    1st New York Cavalry
    12th Pennsylvania Cavalry

    5th Brigade, Colonel Benjamin F. Davis
    8th New York Cavalry
    3rd Pennsylvania Cavalry

    Horse Artillery Brigade
    2nd Unites States Artillery, Battery A
    2nd Unites States Artillery, Batteries B and L
    2nd Unites States Artillery, Battery M
    3rd Unites States Artillery, Batteries C and G

    1st Maine Cavalry
    15th Pennsylvania Cavalry


    THURSDAY: (Company Drills) 8:00pm EST
    FRIDAY: (Community Skirmish) 8:00pm EST
    SATURDAY: (House Divided Campaign) 8:00pm EST
    SUNDAY: (Hardtack and Gunpowder) 8:00pm EST


    THURSDAY: (Company Drills) 8:00pm BST/GMT
    FRIDAY: (United European Community) 8:00pm BST/GMT
    SATURDAY: (United European Community) 8:00pm BST/GMT
    SUNDAY: (Historical Rules Event) 7:00pm BST/GMT

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