With the release of musicians some time ago I had hoped that each branch would see them added with their own respective calls and appearances however, I was quite disappointed to see that only the infantry branch had them. Therefore, I would like to propose some changes and possible implementations to the musician class currently available in-game for the Cavalry and Artillery Units.

Currently the in-game regiments of cavalry (dismounted) share the same types of musicians as the infantry with the bugler, fifer and drummer being available for players to choose from, however, this was not the case historically. Very rarely would you see a fifer or even a drummer riding alongside the cavalry on campaign and even more so playing mid battle. There were of course exceptions with mounted bands employed by commanders (Sheridan, Custer & Fitzhugh-Lee) however, these were just that, exceptions. The cavalry regiments therefore, should only have buglers available for selection and if you want to be more accurate a maximum of two which was the authorized amount for a company.

With the planned release of horses some time in the near distant future we should expect that the musicians will have their own unique calls for the mounted troops however, the current dismounted units should get them aswell. Most of the cavalry bugle calls were used for the dismounted troopers as that's how they drilled before they received their horses, ON FOOT! So its not unreasonable to say a dismounted bugler would be giving mostly the same commands as a mounted one.

The Cavalry Musicians are currently missing their iconic braided Mounted Service Jackets! The infantry musicians have their cool frock coats why cant the cavalry buglers have theirs MSJs?!

Unlike the other branches currently featured in-game the artillery does not have any musicians available for selection which is very strange as they would be the ones who would need them the most due to the concussing noises of the guns. Nonetheless, all artillery batteries should have buglers available for players to choose from in order to relay commands across the gun line. Much like the statement above with cavalry calls the artillery buglers should have their own appropriate calls to relay orders from their officers.

Not really related to musicians however, some of the artillerists in the batteries of light or "field" artillery should have the m1840 light artillery saber or the m1860 light cavalry saber rather than the m1832 foot artillery sword. The m1832 was a weapon issued to the batteries of Foot or "Heavy" Artillery as they were not considered a mounted service unlike the light or field artillery.