Hey guys,
First up, I want to say that I really enjoy playing the Conquest mode. It's one of a few things I wanted to see in War of Rights, in this case the larger maps and the possibilities of more movement.
Not sure if anyone posted this before, but one thing though what is coming with those large maps are obviously the long ways from spawn to the front. I do understand the arguments a few of my friends have, that the ways are too long and that with the high death ratio you spend more time running to the front than actual fighting. We discussed how this could be a bit improved and I wanted to share our thoughts here with you.

First thing that came to mind, being able to spawn on the flag poles once you captured it. In my mind a solid point, but with this the game mode Conquest in War of Rights wouldn't stick out that much in comparison to other Conquest Modi in other games.

Second, having an additional company to choose from to have more flags available for so many players on one server. I'm not sure if that would fix the problem as much, but it's still an idea.

Third, and the most promising at least in my opinion, to reduce the spawning time by half. So that you would have to wait 5 seconds if the flag is in formation or 10 seconds if it's in Skirmishing. I think this could help a lot on this huge maps without having to run all the time.

But I'm curious what you think!