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Thread: Some small UI comments.

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    Some small UI comments.

    So I very much like the updated UI and I hope that it is more stable on full servers, but I will have to wait to see that. Anyways, when I go to the deployment screen, what I presume is supposed to display the rank you chose is just the 'img:' image. It is like this for all ranks in NCO and officer except Lieutenant Colonel, which has the appropriate two stars, and I tested with multiple units.

    Now what I'm going to add is a tiny complaint, but I figured that while you would be fixing the UI for the aforementioned bug, might as well bring it up. The actual rank insignia images on the selection screen for the CSA officers are Union insignias. If you were to change it, I wouldn't go for trying to put them into the rectangular shape that represents shoulder insignia, just go with the regular parallelogram or individual stars of the rank. You can also see that the NCO description is in the officer, private, and flagbearer class as well, this goes for all units.

    I'm a man of small details.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rbsmith7 View Post
    It's also a little funky to do the ranks in alphabetical order rather than by order of grade.
    They are in order of grade?

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    All known things and will naturally be fixed. Thanks for the report though.

    - Trusty

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    Quote Originally Posted by TrustyJam View Post
    All known things and will naturally be fixed. Thanks for the report though.

    - Trusty
    Good to hear.

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    I really like your idea.

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