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Thread: ammo refills

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    ammo refills

    refilling empty ammo

    Could you introduce a refill mechanic for infantry weapons?

    On the drill camp, this would make the life of the players a little more pleasant.
    I know you will need an animation for this at some point, but for testing purposes it would be enough if you could refill your ammo by pressing the "F" key on ammo boxes.
    On the CSA Drillcamp the shooting range is not too far away, but on the Union Drillcamp the way from the spawn is very far.
    A simple sound as a replacement for the animation would be enough for now.
    In the future, you could then insert an animation in which the weapon could be cleaned at the same time.
    This also offers the possibility to introduce a supply system, which would justify the creation of a quartermaster.
    If at some point the entire main maps are playable, a command system is inserted, this supply system would also be an immersive expansion.
    This is of course all future but for now it would be very pleasant at least on the drill camp.
    As I said... without animation, simple sound, via the "F" key at ammo boxes.
    If only to test it for now.
    Of course, only if it would not interfere too much with the schedule and roadmap.

    example pic:

    Thank you in advance

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    I think this is a wonderful idea. It's so bad how far the Union drill range is. It would make so much sense that there'd be ammunition at a shooting range.

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