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    Steam Achievements

    I want to make this thread to bring attention to the buggy nature of the Steam Achievement counter. Specifically for the 3 achievements where it requires you to play 100 rounds each (Skirmish, Conquest, Picket Patrol). So most of my games do not count. I actually do not know what the parameter for the achievement is. I have joined a game where there was 2 minutes left and it counted.....but I have played 3 consecutive full games and none of them counted. However, I have had full games where it DID count and the short musters don't count. Are any of you gamers experiencing this?

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    Yes, as I have the same problem. I had someone tell me once it was how the admin has the server set. The permissions the admin has on his server will determine whether or not you get credit for the acquired achievement. You can try to catch an admin playing on his server and ask. Good luck and see ya out there.

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