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Thread: "EAGLE vs. CROSS" a EU War of Rights Event

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    "EAGLE vs. CROSS" a EU War of Rights Event

    Eagle vs. Cross

    This event is an EU mid size event with a maximum of 150 participants.
    We want to achieve a greater influence of the participating units and more tactical maneuverability.

    This event is played with point of contention.
    However, it can also be decided in the balancing meeting
    to play without the point of contention.
    In this case the lost tickets will be added
    and the side that lost more will lose the match.

    The focus is still on linebattles that are based on the historical model.

    From time to time the Picket Patrol mode will be played.
    Thereby we want to achieve a little bit of variety.

    If it is desired in the balancing meeting,
    the mode Conquerer will also be played.
    This mode will only be played when
    the total number of participants reaches 120.


    Date: every Saturday

    example of the balancingsheet

    Balancing Meeting:

    20:15 CET | 2:15pm EST | 7:15pm GMT

    Takes place in the Discord channel
    ᴇᴠᴇɴᴛ ʙᴀʟᴀɴᴄɪɴɢ & ᴍᴇᴇᴛᴜᴘ

    War of Rights Battles:

    21:00 CET | 3:00pm EST | 8:00pm GMT

    After the restart the event starts when the clock hits 40:00

    Event Discord

    klick at the picture

    Contact person

    If there are any questions about the event,
    or things to clarify around the event,
    please send me a pm.

    Captain Jack Stone

    Event Admin


    The registration of the own unit takes place in the Discord channel Event-Signup.
    Please sign up at least 2 hours before the Balancing meeting.
    For this the following informations are needed:

    Faction (Union/CSA):
    Commanding officer (with @):
    Number of attendance (valued):
    Preferred role (Line/Skirmishers):
    We have an artillery section (yes/no):
    I have read the rules and accept (yes):

    Main Rules

    1) We all want to have fun playing the game,
    so there will be no insults outside of roleplay.
    Everyone will behave in a social and disciplined manner.

    2) Two maps are played each evening.
    The Main map is selected by poll.

    Each participating unit has one vote.
    The skirmish maps to be played will then be
    determined in the premeeting for each faction.

    3) If balancing requires it,
    participating units must play a different faction
    than they belong to.

    4) For this event the minimum number of participants per unit is 5.
    Small units may have to join larger units.
    These have to move within a maximum radius of 25 yards of the main unit.

    5) If several units have to share one main company,
    it has to be clarified in advance,
    in the respective Discord Voice channel,
    who gets the officer and the flag.

    6) Officers and flag bearers are limited ingame.
    There may only be one officer and
    one flag bearer per ingame main company.
    Non-commissioned officers are not limited.

    7) Communication on the battlefield is done via in-game voice chat
    and between units via messenger.

    8) For the Artillery, on certain maps (
    River crossing and Burnside Bridge)
    there may be communication in the Event Discord voice channel.

    9) It is not allowed to direct fire towards the mainspawn areas.

    10) Only skirmishers are allowed to enter buildings.

    11) The first 5 minutes of the battle
    are for setting up and tactics discussions.
    The battle starts when the clock hits 40:00.

    12) Each unit may send out scouts,
    but no more than 2 scouts at a time.
    They are not allowed to use their weapons while scouting.

    13) If a unit loses 75% of its strength,
    they must either retreat to friendly units,
    or towards the main spawn to regroup.

    14) It is not allowed to spectate without permission from the event admins.
    For spectating a special channel has been created in the event discord,
    which has to be used by every spectator.

    15) There will be a vote after the event to determine
    which Main maps will be played the following Saturday.

    rules for the Lineinfantry

    1) Fight in formation in either one or preferably two ranks.

    2) If a unit loses 75% of its strength,
    they must either retreat to friendly units,
    or towards the main spawn to regroup.

    3) Reinforcements from the mainspawn are only allowed in
    small groups of at least three.
    If no one from your unit respawns after two minutes,
    you may run back to your unit alone.

    4) Reinforcements are not allowed to defend themselves
    with a weapon until they rejoined their main unit.
    This is how we want to counter ramboing.

    5) Line infantry is not permitted to enter buildings.

    rules for the Artillery

    1) A gun crew consists of at least three people.
    If there are less than three people at the gun,
    you may not operate or fire it.

    2) You may not move, load,
    or fire the guns until the clock reads 40:00
    and the battle officially begins.
    The 5 minutes before that are for setting up and discussing tactics.

    3) The guns are limited to a maximum of three per side.
    The event has only a medium size.
    More guns would be unnecessary.

    4) On certain maps (River crossing and Burnside Bridge)
    there may be communication in the Event Discord voice channel.

    rules for the Skirmishers

    1) A skirmisher group must consist of a minimum
    of five to a maximum of ten people.

    2) There will be only one skirmisher group per side.
    These will get the authorization
    to skirmish at the balancing meeting.

    3) Skirmishers are the only infantry units
    allowed to enter and fight out of houses.

    4) If the skirmisher group exceeds ten men during the event,
    they will have to play as lineinfantry.

    5) Skirmishers may return to their unit individually,
    as reinforcements, from the mainspawn.
    They do not have to wait 2 minutes.
    They are still not allowed to use weapons
    until they arrive at their main unit.

    rules for the Cavalry

    1) I hope there are soon times horses...
    it's about time to ride over the battlefield xD

    Admins and misconduct

    1) Make sure that each participant wears his company tag.
    Otherwise people without a tag can be kicked.

    2) There will be one admin per battle.
    This admin will watch over the battle in spectator mode.

    3) If rules are violated,
    the admin will announce these rule
    violations in the ingame chat.

    4) He will also try to reach a responsible
    person of the unit via Discord.

    5) If after a period of two minutes,
    this rule violation is not stopped,
    the following consequences may follow.

    6) In the individual case the corresponding unit
    will be confronted with the misbehavior.

    7) If there are repeated violations,
    the person in question can be suspended
    for the current event evening.

    8) We will prevent the exclusion of
    participating units from the event at all costs.

    9) However, if there are a lot of repeated
    violations of the rules, this possibility will also be discussed.

    10) We therefore ask each participating unit to
    make its members aware of these rules.

    11) If someone wants to film the event as a spectator,
    this must be announced in the premeeting.

    The person will then get the "Stream & YouTube" role in the Discord
    and has to spend time in the channel "Spectator Room"
    of the Event Discord during the battles.

    Picket Patrol

    1) 5 rounds of Picket Patrol will be played in the event.

    2) Units registering more than 5 people must play in the line.
    The rules for line infantry apply.

    3) Units with 5 or less people can play as Skirmishers.
    Skirmisher rules apply.

    4) Buildings may not be entered.

    5) Officers may be selected, but no pistol may be used during the event.
    Pistols are too strong in close combat and therefore may not be used.

    6) If cavalry units are selectable, there will be a restart.
    Breech loaders may not be used.

    7) After the Joining Phase (1 minute) and after everyone is spawned,
    the event will start after a 2 minute Preparation Phase,
    that is when the clock shows 13:00.

    8) The 5th round can be played as a fun round.
    (for example only with the bayonet).

    This will be decided in the premeeting.

    If there are any wishes or comments about the event,
    everyone can post them in the Discord channel "ꜱᴜɢɢᴇꜱᴛɪᴏɴꜱ-ᴀɴᴅ-ᴄʜᴀɴɢᴇꜱ" for discussion.

    We want to improve the experience of the participants,
    so these wishes will be taken into account.

    We wish all participating units a lot of fun at our event.

    Choose your side, fight for it and stand side by side with your brothers.
    Cheers for friendly fights.

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    Welcome to all.

    We will start this event from scratch.

    The rules, even the event days, are up for discussion.
    There will be a poll about this in the ꜱᴜɢɢᴇꜱᴛɪᴏɴꜱ-ᴀɴᴅ-ᴄʜᴀɴɢᴇꜱ channel.
    However, since it is an EU event, the event times will not be adjusted.
    At the moment, Saturday is being considered.
    However, there is also the possibility of holding this event on Friday.
    If it goes well, we could also hold it on both days.
    If units want to participate in the administration and execution, they can send me a pm.
    We want to start the event in 2 weeks at the latest, with a test event.

    Last edited by Jack Stone; 08-30-2022 at 08:47 AM.

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    Our Event Teaser

    This is the teaser for our event.
    You can find it on YouTube.

    Have fun watching ^^

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    Things are moving forward.

    The first 2 Saturday events are over.After our test event we have now changed our Saturday event into a weekly event.

    All units involved have had a lot of fun with the event so far
    and the organization is going very well.

    There are still some minor administrative problems,
    but they will be solved step by step.

    We are very pleased with how everything is going so far
    and hope that everyone continues to have fun.

    Many thanks to all participating units.
    Especially for your feedback and participation.

    Here are a few pictures from the last events.

    Thank you for the support.
    See you soon

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    Here are a few short videos from the last battle.
    Have fun watching ^^

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    A new video from the last event day .

    Have fun watching ^^

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    Christmas and New Year

    Hello Gentleman,

    December the 17th will be the last "Eagle vs. Cross" event of this year.
    On the 24th and the 31st the event will be paused.
    Everyone should have the opportunity to celebrate Christmas and New Year.
    We will continue with the event in the new year on January the 7th.
    So next weekend we will finish our event for this year.
    Thank you to all the participating units who have given our event a chance so far
    and I look forward to seeing you all again in the New Year.
    To all those who can't participate next Saturday,
    the 22ndVA wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

    Many greetings
    Jack Stone
    Commander 22nd Virginia
    and Event Host

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    A match from above.

    Here you can see the 2nd match at Dunker Church,
    from 19 November 2022.

    Have fun watching ^^

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