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Thread: GameMode suggestion

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    GameMode suggestion

    * Capture the base.
    (Drillcamp). Each Side starts at its base (camp). The object is to take the other team's colors. (conquest flagpole) (and bring them to home base)
    Each side has a second base the other team can't reach/shoot at. (arty camp only spawn there if their base is owerrun). somewhere in the middle. if their colors are taken or base overrun. (looses moral)
    Enemies flag can also be taken for moral. (enemy flag is despawned after x min). Final push (if the flag is brought to the enemy base), if the flag is saved the time continues.

    (also at harpers ferry . schoolhouse r./ antietam(?))

    Have random flag positions. (maybe 3 alternatives)

    No last stand if there is a final push. (as the moral of enemy would be lower)
    either both sides have a last stand or final push.

    final push can only be spawn at base, not flags.

    Choose WHERE to spawn by clicking on flags on the map, own company flag should be displayed bigger.

    should be hitboxes, distinguish between dead and mortally wounded. (there is a audio playing "DON'T LEAVE ME" - dead do not speak)

    random when loading, attacking.

    blocking attacks (bajo) by pressing right mouse if the stab is on front right/left, no blocking from behind.

    increase stamina by drinking water.
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    And further:

    * There should be a timer when capping while the opponent is breaking. (let say 30 seconds that the point must be held). Why? As now there is an unfair advantage by rushing point. For every action, there should be an opposite reaction. If there is a delay there is a chance for the enemy to react (or maybe attack point). there should at least be some UI.
    Also if you cap you must hold otherwise the timer stops. (so you can't leave the point) if no one is on the control point there should be a draw.

    * A new role: Signal men. They have in addition to rifles small flags. (to send messages far distance.) Maybe add that functionality to musicians, but at least give the weapons.

    *flag bearer. if killed they should only be in skirmish even if they are alone.

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    And last:

    Battlefield mode.
    5 sections that are onlocked according to outcome of precision. let say 5 point and a flag in each sections. When a side control all a new section is unlocked. and so it goes back and fourth.

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